Rangeville - Garnet Lehmann Park (East Creek)

Garnet Lehman Park
Wednesday, 14 Jul 2021 14:33

Address: 15 Aberdeen Street, Rangeville QLD

Garnet Lehmann park is a popular park which forms part of the East Corridor.  It links the Water Bird Habitat to the south with Lake Annand and Joseph Leadbetter Park to the north. 

 This park has three different areas including a children's playground and seating, a native bushland area which couples as a detention basin and a designated dog off-leash area.  

The children's playground area comprises play equipment in the shade, a suspension bridge, shelter, tables and chairs. 


Garnet Lehmann park features a number of newer plantings following upgrades in 2015 which were designed for flood mitigation and to attract a wide variety of wildlife.  Included in the plantings were hundreds of new large trees, thousands of new shrubs and ground cover plants, aimed to increase the biodiversity of the park.  


The central lake or basin features varied depths of water which encourage different fish, tadpoles and frogs to the area.  Other habitats, including new plantings of threatened plants - have been created for frogs, lizards and birds.


This park was named in honour of Mr Garnet Lehmann who lived from 1936 until 1991.  Mr Lehmann was Director of Parks & Recreation from 1986 to 1991.  He was a prominent figure in the Toowoomba region and a soil conservationist and was known as the 'father' of the environment.

Garnet Lehmann was born in Clifton to third-generation Darling Downs farmers. Following his graduation from Queensland Agricultural College he joined the Department of Primary Industries in Toowoomba as a Soil Conservation Officer. 

He introduced progressive soil and water conservation techniques utilising surveyed contour banks, waterways and dams to the farming community across the Darling Downs his expertise in soil and water conservation and ability to liaise effectively with local farmers were instrumental in saving much of the region’s farmland from environmental degradation.

As Toowoomba City Council’s Director of Parks and Recreation, Garnet Lehmann had a vision for flood mitigation works for the Toowoomba catchment area, and was responsible for the planting of trees along the waterways and park areas as a soil and water conservation measure.

The park was named in honour of Garnet Lehmann recognising his contribution to Toowoomba as Director of Parks and Recreation from 1st April 1986 to 17th May 1991, his achievement towards the conservation and improvements of degraded farming land, and his service to the community and Toowoomba region as a whole.  

A park monument is installed in the park in honour of Garnet Lehmann which is inscribed with this information. 

The 2.8 ha, unfenced dog-off leash area is a popular area for park users to exercise their dogs. This shaded area is located between the children's playground and the detention basin. Dogs have access to water play with West Creek being located adjacent to the park.

The dog off-leash area is designated by signage and bollards.

Garnet Lehmann Park dog off leash area map


Playground shaded
Park bench
Dogs off leash