Kearneys Spring - Murray Clewett Wetlands (Kearney & Spring Streets)

Wednesday, 14 Jul 2021 14:52

Address: 296 Spring Street, Kearneys Spring QLD


The Murray Clewett Wetlands serve as a detention basin to mitigate flood events as well as providing a serene environment to take a gentle walk, watch the birdlife or embark on a larger run or cycle along West Creek. This parkland area also includes a dog off-leash area.

There are pathways throughout the park which are popular for walkers, joggers and cyclists. Head north from the wetlands across Spring Street to connect with the West Creek pathways leading all the way into the CBD.

Toilet facilities are available nearby at Kearneys Spring Park.



The Murray Clewett Wetlands are named in honour of Toowoomba City Council engineer Murray Clewett. Murray provided many years of service to the Toowoomba community through to the 1990s.

He contributed to prominent features across the city such as Mount Kynoch reservoir tank #3 and Herries Street bridge over East Creek. He was instrumental in the design of some of Toowoomba stormwater infrastructure including these wetlands.


These wetlands were officially opened by the Hon Rod Welford MLA. Minister for Environment and Heritage and Minister for Natural Resources on Tuesday 7 March 2000.

The Murray Clewett Environmental Wetlands form the first stage of our Gowrie Creek Catchment Management Strategy. The aim of the strategy is to alleviate downstream flooding and to enhance the environmental and recreational values of Toowoomba's creek systems.

This project was funded by the Toowoomba City Council, the Natural Heritage Trust and the Queensland Government and was constructed by our workforce.

The western side of the pond and the adjacent pathway are the only permitted off-leash areas in the park.

Murray Clewett Wetlands park dog off leash area map  


Dogs off leash
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