To help everyone appreciate our outdoor lifestyle, we have designated areas where you can run your dog off its lead. So all users can enjoy dog off-leash areas safely, we ask that the following are observed. Dog/s:

  • must be effectively controlled
  • must not attack, menace or worry other persons or animals
  • must not damage private or public property
  • must not escape from the off-leash area
  • must wear a collar and identification tag
  • must be restrained by a leash outside of these areas at all times
  • faeces must be removed and disposed of appropriately. dog off leash running

The owner or responsible person for a dog that is on heat must ensure that the animal is not in a public place. Owners of declared dangerous or menacing dogs must comply with the mandatory conditions in relation to the keeping of the dog.

The requirements for the use of dog off-leash areas can be found in Subordinate Local Law No.2 (Animal Management) 2011.

Approved dog off-leash areas

Dog off-leash areas are listed in the blue slider below or can be printed:

These areas were approved for off-leash use after community consultation in 2012-2013.

Cambooya - Rolleston Park. The whole park is off-leash.

Cecil Plains Cecil Plains Recreation Reserve. Only the western area of the reserve is permitted for dog off-leash use.

Centenary Heights Ballin Drive Park. The whole of park area north of the creek channel is permitted for dog off-leash use.

Clifton Clifton Recreation Reserve. Off-leash dogs are permitted in the reserve's south-western area. The fields and racing track are excluded.

Darling Heights Thiess Park (South). Dogs can run off-leash only in the fenced area adjacent to Rossenstengel Street.

Glenvale Rocla Court Park. The park's southern section has been set aside for off-leash dogs.

Harlaxton - Dr Alex Horn Park, Ruthven Street North Reserve. Off-leash dogs are permitted in the park, apart from the south-west section and the area south of the Bridge Club.

Harlaxton - Ruthven Street North Reserve. There are two separate fenced areas where you can exercise your dog off-leash.

Harristown Coronation Park. Only the southern section of the park is allocated for off-leash use. (Note: This off-leash area will be closed from 12/04/2022 until the end of works currently being undertaken in Coronation Park).

Michael Park. The park's tennis court and children's playground are excluded from the remaining off-leash area.

Highfields - Harris Park. The park's southern fenced area is available to off-leash dogs.

Kearneys Spring - Murray Clewett Wetlands Park. The western side of the pond and the adjacent pathway are the only permitted off-leash areas in the park.

Kearneys Spring - Carly Hibberd Park. Off-leash dogs are only permitted in the park's fenced area.

Kingsthorpe - Rosalie Walk. The park's fenced area located adjacent to Talisker Street is available to off-leash dogs.

Millmerran Campbell Street area. Off-leash dogs are permitted in the designated area south of the cemetery.

Mount Lofty Mt Lofty Park. The eastern section of the park area is available to off-leash dogs.

Newtown Clearview Street Park. Off-leash dogs are only permitted in the park's fenced area.

Newtown - Black Gully 2. The section between Tor Street and Holberton Street has been designated for off-leash dogs.

Oakey - Cory Street Park. Off-leash dogs are permitted in the area as signed in the centre of the park.

Rangeville Leslie Park. Dogs can run off the lead in the southern part of the park only.

Rangeville - Garnet Lehmann Park. The central part of the park is available to off-leash dogs. The children's playground area to the south and the area north of the detention basin are excluded.

South Toowoomba West Creek Park No 6. Off-leash dogs are only permitted in the area immediately north of Alderley Street and south of the City Golf Club.

East Toowoomba Queens Park. The park's central designated area is the only dog off-leash area on site.

Wilsonton Barlow Street Park. Apart from the fenced children's playground, the remaining park area is available to off-leash dogs.

WilsontonVann Street Park. The whole park area is available for off-leash dogs.

Wilsonton Heights Wilsonton Heights Park. Dogs can run off-leash only in the area north of the park's central pathway.

Westbrook Ferguson Road Park utility land. The whole park area is a designated dog off-leash area.


Please be aware dogs are not to be let off the leash in a public place unless in a designated dog off-leash area and as directed by signage.

Map of dog off-leash areas in the Toowoomba Region