Four mosaic artists will reveal their connection with nature in a new exhibition to be displayed at Crows Nest Gallery from September 6 to October 15, 2023.

Nature’s Diversity in Mosaics celebrates the distinctive way mosaic artists, Tani Bates, Catherine Conaty, Yvonne Ragonesi, and Margaret Shaw, capture the essence of nature in their art.

Through the versatile medium of mosaics, the artists embark on unique creative journeys.

By engaging closely with their materials, they meticulously select, compare, cut, place, glue, and assess, forging thoughtful connections through their process.

Moving beyond image creation, the artists engage in a tactile dialogue with the medium, exploring its intricacies and embracing its inherent allure.

Artistry and nature intertwine in each mosaic artwork, showcasing the captivating power of the medium.

An Artist Talk event with mosaic artists Catherine Conaty, Yvonne Ragonesi and Margaret Shaw will be held at 11am on Sunday, September 10, 2023. This is a free event and no bookings are required.

For more information, visit Exhibition | Nature’s Diversity in Mosaics (

Enquiries about the exhibition can be directed to Crows Nest Gallery on (07) 4698 1687 or

Crows Nest Gallery, at the corner of the New England Highway and William Street is open from 10.30am to 3.30pm Wednesday to Sunday. It is closed on Monday, Tuesday and public holidays.

1. Catherine CONATY / Major Mitchell 2023 / stained glass, metal on thermal board / 40 x 25cm / © Catherine Conaty (Top)
2. Tani BATES / Zanda magic 2023 / Smalti glass, metal on thermal board / 40 x 25cm / © Tani Bates (below left)
3. Margaret SHAW / Corella crazy 2023 / recycled crockery, metal, slate, Smalti on thermal board / 40 x 25cm / © Margaret Shaw (below right)
4. Yvonne RAGONESI / Hello cocky 2023 / stained glass, recycled crockery, metal, natural slate, Banksia nuts on thermal board / 40 x 25cm / © Yvonne Ragonesi (bottom)