Toowoomba Region creative practitioners, entrepreneurs and representatives from arts organisations will examine the arts sector’s current and future trends at a Toowoomba Creative Industry Summit at the Empire Theatre on Friday, April 21, 2023.

The summit will focus on the intersection between art, culture, technology and entrepreneurship and how aspects of the various sectors connect and improve the Region’s lifestyle characteristics.

Apart from hearing inspiring stories from the Region’s talented creatives and industry change-makers, attendees will participate in discussions with industry leaders to explore opportunities, exchange insights and ideas.

The Toowoomba Creative Industry Summit is an immersive, educational experience that has been designed to assemble a diverse range of people to connect, collaborate and work towards common goals.

Regional Arts Services Network (RASN) Regional Manager for Southern Queensland Michelle Blair is encouraging the Region’s creative residents to join the summit to inspire, promote and engage with like-minded participants.

“It is important to understand the successes and struggles of other local creatives. By recognising the highs, lows and experiences of others, we can use these examples to assist in planning and shaping how the Region can continue to grow and flourish. If you have a story to tell, please reach out to us,” Ms Blair said.

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) Library and Cultural Services portfolio leader Cr Tim McMahon said the summit would highlight the breadth and richness of the Region’s creative arts community.

“Our Region is fortunate to have a thriving arts and cultural scene that is driven by the passion, skill and commitment of our diverse community organisations and individuals who give their all in creating everything from a gallery show to large festivals or the quiet work of preserving our local history,” Cr McMahon said.

“The Toowoomba Creative Industries Summit will discuss the various themes and ideas that came through the Cultural Strategy community consultation process. The summit will share and develop an understanding of these themes and ideas with some of our strategy contributors.

“We will also showcase some of the great examples of activity in the sector and what it could be like in the future.”

Coupled with the summit, workshops showcasing the Region’s creative mediums will be open to the public on Saturday, April 22 at the Empire Theatre in Neil Street, Toowoomba.

Anyone who is interested in hosting a workshop can contact TRC’s Cultural Services officer Jo Beazley at or by calling 131 872 by March 10.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.