The Open Space Strategy maps out a new vision that recognises that ‘one size does not fit all’ and that a range of open spaces will be needed across our expansive region. It will deliver a connected and distinctive open space network that will enhance the unique character of each locality. In addition, it will acknowledge the social, cultural, environmental, and heritage values of these areas and create a sense of place and pride for the community.

This is an important strategy for the Toowoomba region’s future that will provide a framework for protecting, enhancing and managing open spaces. Implementing the strategy will ensure that our open spaces provide all residents and visitors with diverse, dynamic and enjoyable places to live and play.

With more than 7,700 hectares of open space, Council is committed to preserving this extensive and valued asset for existing and future generations. The Open Space Strategy and implementation plan set a robust foundation for the planning and delivery of the right number and quality of open spaces. This will ensure the provision of areas for diverse activities and for more open spaces in the future.

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