We're here to help and can be contacted via any of the following methods below. If your matter is an emergency or requires urgent assistance, please call us on 131 872.

  • Aerodrome maintenance and safety.
  • Asbestos complaints.
  • BBQ urgent issues e.g. gas leak, broken, explosion, vandalism.
  • Bus interchange vandalism, cleaning or graffiti. Operational issues need to be referred to Wilson's Parking.
  • Council building / clubhouse emergency maintenance or cleaning, vandalism, break-ins, security alarm.
  • Burst water main.
  • Call out from emergency services e.g. Council attendance required to repair lights after incident.
  • Cemetery enquiries - funeral directors outside of standard business hours and members of the public who may be locked in after hours.
  • Dams and lake urgent maintenance e.g. blocked toilets, boom gate issues, fire, facility vandalism, water leak.
  • Dangerous pothole.
  • Dead animal on a road causing safety hazard.
  • Dog attack (bite attack only).
  • Empire Theatre urgent maintenance.
  • Flooding / water on road or footpath.
  • Injured animal on Council/public land placed in Council's animal drop box facility.
  • Mayor / Councillor phone calls (urgent issues only).
  • Moderate or heavy water leaks on Council land.
  • Parks electrical supply, vandalism or syringe / broken glass.
  • Playground equipment maintenance e.g. broken or vandalised equipment.
  • Picnic Point flag damage.
  • Restrained dog for collection with Council tag.
  • Serious environmental incident.
  • Sewer blockage/overflow.
  • Signage on road or footpath causing a hazard.
  • Snakes in Council buildings / land / parks.
  • Sporting fields lighting and maintenance.
  • Street light damage causing safety or traffic hazards.
  • Stormwater maintenance / blockage / overflow.
  • Traffic signal not working.
  • Toilet blockage or leak in a park.
  • Toowoomba City Library carpark vehicle locked within the carpark.
  • Tree on road or footpath.
  • Waste facility access issues, break in or security issues, fire, theft or vandalism.
  • Water pump stations stations / bores / resorvoir issues.
  • Water quality issues, water outages, pressure issues.
  • Water meter tap unable to be turned off.

Phone: 131 872

Our call centre operating hours are 8.30am to 5.15pm Monday to Friday (except on public holidays). For emergencies outside of these hours, call 131 872. If calling from overseas, call  +61 7 4688 6611.

Click here to view a list of emergency or urgent issues to be called through at any time, including after-hours.


Online services

Live chat

Live chat is available on our website Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm, with some variations on public holidays or staff training days.

The chat button is on the bottom right hand corner of every page, when available.




Customer Service Centres

We have numerous service counter locations across the region, open Monday - Friday.

On the second Thursday of each month, our Customer Service Centres close at 3pm. This allows our Customer Service Officers to undertake training and development during this time. Our after-hours emergency contact phone line (131 872) will be available during this time.

National Relay contact service

This is a phone service for people with a hearing or speech impairment.


Toowoomba Regional Council, PO Box 3021, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Contact Councillors

Councillor contact details are available on our Introducing Councillors page.

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Address for service of documents

In terms of UCPR Rule 112(3)(c), we have nominated 4 Little Street, Toowoomba, Queensland as the address:

  • at which we will accept service of documents and process.
  • of our head and principal office.

Public office address

In terms of section 261 of the Local Government Act 2009, we have nominated City Hall at 541 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba, Queensland as the address of our public office.