mtb plan front cover imageIn collaboration with the Lockyer Valley Regional Council, we've developed a master plan (Escarpment Mountain Bike Masterplan) to guide the future of mountain biking along the Range escarpment.

The Plan identifies opportunities to create new and improve existing trails and to develop the necessary infrastructure to support mountain biking into the future. Implementation of the Plan will enable Toowoomba to become a nationally significant mountain biking destination.

Key recommendations include developing an additional 68.4kms of mountain bike trails (24 new trails) in Jubilee and Redwood Parks, along with a primary access node (and event hosting space) at the Bridge Street Quarry site.

We undertook a significant review of trail options and consultation when developing the master plan to ensure community needs and participation trends were identified and responded to. Striking a good balance between recreational and environmental needs was prioritised during this process given the significance and importance of the escarpment bushland parks. Accordingly, investigation of environmental and cultural heritage values were considered in the development of the Plan and will continue to be investigated and explored in greater detail as the plan is implemented.

We endorsed the Escarpment Mountain Bike Masterplan at an Ordinary Meeting of Council in December 2019.

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Appendix 1 - Toowoomba Escarpment Trail (TET) Report

Appendix 2 - Order of Costs for Trail Development

Appendix 4 - Environmental Considerations Mapping

Appendix 6 - Community Survey Data

Any future works proposed through the master plan will be subject to available funding and Council and community priorities.

The Queensland Government provided $25,000 to Toowoomba Regional Council and Lockyer Valley Regional Council to develop the Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley Escarpment Mountain Bike Master Plan 2019-2026 to enable Queenslanders to participate in sport and recreation activities.