Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) is advising residents to take advantage of a new Containers for Change initiative which came into effect on November 1.

TRC Water and Waste Portfolio Lead Cr Nancy Sommerfield said in an Australian-first, residents could now be refunded 10 cents for wine and pure spirit bottles at any refund point across the region.

“The Containers for Change program has transformed container recycling and litter reduction across the Toowoomba Region, and I’m delighted to see the program expand to include wine and pure spirit bottles.

“Any initiative that reduces waste ending up in Council landfills is a good initiative and Containers for Change is certainly that. Residents are still able to put these containers in the yellow bin and Council will ensure they are recycled through a processing facility.

“The Toowoomba Region has embraced Containers for Change at work, at school and at home to help clean up the local environment and cash in for themselves or a cause close to their hearts.

“Since launching in Toowoomba, 302.78 million containers have been returned to local container refund points for recycling, putting $30.28 million back in the pockets of residents, charities, community groups and businesses,” Cr Sommerfield said.

With the introduction of glass wine and spirit bottles from 1 November, residents, community groups and businesses can return even more containers for 10-cent refunds.

To help the Toowoomba community enjoy even greater benefits consider making an event in your community even cleaner and greener by incorporating container collection.

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