Fire fighting

Council supports an annual coordinated agency operation called Operation Cool Burn, where a range of Government and Community based organisation work together to protect our community from the risk of bushfires. Working together with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), the initiative aims to spearhead mitigation activities across the state to reduce fire risk in bushfire-prone areas ahead of the season.

Prescribed burn plans for the 2020 bushfire season

January - March 2020

Consult with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. Determine priority areas and appropriate bushfire mitigation techniques.

May 2020

Prepare containment lines for prescribed burning activities. Obtain permits.

Inform adjoining property owners of prescribed burning activities and advise the general community.

June - July 2020*

Carry out prescribed burns in the following locations (click the link to view the map):

*This part of the program is reliant on suitable weather conditions. Burns may not be possible at the planned time and will be rescheduled to the next available time.


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