Grants of up to $5,000 (and up to $10,000 with matched funding) are available to local community organisations that deliver programs and projects that benefit local businesses and the broader community. The program has been developed to help achieve the community’s vision for a 'dynamic and diverse economy creating industry development and employment opportunities'.

The opportunity to apply for grants will be available twice annually:

Opening date Closing date Notification to applicants
1 February   1 March  April
1 July  1 August September


Organisations can apply for a community economic development grant if they:

  • are an eligible community organisation or are under the auspices of an eligible community organisation as defined in the community grants policy
  • operate or provide services within the Toowoomba Regional Council area
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Who cannot apply:

  • individuals
  • for-profit companies, trusts and other organisations
  • government, semi-government organisations and statutory authorities
  • public and private educational institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary including Parents & Citizens and Parents & Friends Associations)
  • unions and student guilds
  • research foundations and professional associations
  • an organisation that has been granted approval for support through a Toowoomba Regional Council funding program for the same project
  • recipients who have previously defaulted on the conditions of funding
  • an organisation that has not acquitted an overdue TRC funded grant application.

It is mandatory that projects help to achieve the objectives of the Toowoomba Region Economic Development Strategy and Community Growth Action Plans.

Eligible projects will:

  • connect local businesses
  • encourage business innovation
  • build business capacity and skills
  • contribute to the ease of doing business
  • enable partnerships and collaboration between businesses and/or organisations in the Toowoomba region
  • address a local workforce gap
  • assist towards planning, professional and application fees in preparing grant applications for larger projects.

Ineligible projects:

Community economic development grants will not fund:

  • loan or other debt repayments
  • projects already commenced or completed
  • recurrent administration and running costs, such as:
    • Regular wages
    • Regular office expenses
  • projects with a commercial purpose
  • projects already funded by other Toowoomba Regional Council Grant programs
  • prize money, trophies, raffle prizes or fundraising.

Community economic development grant applications will be considered against the program philosophy, objectives and outcomes, eligibility criteria and selection criteria. Grants are highly competitive and as such not all applications that meet the criteria will be successful.

Final approval and the level of support will depend on the availability of funds, the number of applications received in the financial year, program priorities and geographical equity. We may give a lower amount than requested and may place terms and conditions on which items may be funded by the grant. Where the support requested is to add to other funding, an interim acknowledgement letter of support may be provided, to be confirmed when and if the other funding is approved.

Applications to the community economic development grant are assessed by a panel that consists of Councillors, Council officers and representatives from two external economic development organisations.

Council’s suite of community support grants is moving online. Council is teaming up with the SmartyGrants software platform with the new electronic application process starting from 1 July 2022. Those new to SmartyGrants are required to establish a username and password before they can commence an application, and Council staff are willing to assist new users with this step. SmartyGrants offers many advantages to users including the ability to attach required documents when submitting the application. Regular grant subscribers may already be familiar with SmartyGrants, and for those that aren’t, Council is willing to meet with community groups and organisations to provide a simple overview of the system. Advice and assistance on applying for Council grants can be obtained by contacting a grants officer within the Economic Development Team on 131 872. 

How to apply for a grant

  1. Read the Community Economic Development Grant Guidelines to check you are eligible.
  2. If eligible, fill in the SmartyGrants online application form.

Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Economic Development Team on 131 872 to discuss their proposed projects and their potential alignment with the community economic development grant.


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