Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) is reminding residents that any Swimming Pool/ or SPA that can hold 30 centimetres or more of water, even temporary inflatable pools, must have a compliant swimming pool safety barrier in place at all times.

TRC Environmental Health portfolio leader Cr Tim McMahon said now was the time to inspect and carry out maintenance on an existing swimming pool or SPA to ensure it met the requirements of the Queensland Pool Safety Standards.

“Since December 1, 2015, all existing and new regulated Queensland swimming pools must comply with the pool safety laws.

“Council appreciates the effort residents made last year, the cooperation and willingness to take action is to be commended, but there is no room to be lax when it comes to pool safety.

“If you have recently moved to a property with a pool and are unsure if the fencing complies with the Standards, please engage a QBCC licenced Pool Safety Inspector to ensure you have a barrier that is safe. Don’t wait until a child’s life is endangered on your property, Council regards community safety, particularly that of young children as a top priority and won’t hesitate to take enforcement action when it is compromised” Cr McMahon said.

“All residential swimming pools must have a Building Approval for the Swimming Pool and Pool Safety Barrier and they must be registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.”

Cr McMahon said home owners could check or register their properties on the pool safety register at:

“If you are selling or buying a property with a swimming pool, please check the requirements,” Cr McMahon said.

“Property owners are still required to maintain a compliant barrier at all times, even if this means erecting a temporary pool fence that complies with the requirements while the permanent fence undergoes maintenance.

“Residents who are unsure about any of these safety aspects can find further information at:

“Council will enforce the law if it is made aware of inadequately fenced pools, however this is not an issue of compliance. The pool safety laws are about saving lives.

“Inflatables are in some ways more dangerous than bigger pools, due to the low set up costs, collapsible sides and a lack of education when they are sold at retail outlets.

“More importantly, residents with inflatables pools, or any pool, must supervise their children when they are near water.”

Cr McMahon said nothing should overshadow the primary safety message and the importance of knowing how to perform CPR.

Council has details about the regulations, please refer to:

Council officers can also provide relevant advice on request. Please call 131 872 to request further information.