Toowoomba Regional Council’s Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) is monitoring the latest rain event that is enveloping most of Queensland, along with watching levels at the Region’s three dams.

LDMG chair, Toowoomba Region Mayor Paul Antonio, said Council staff were on alert and well prepared to respond to any situation.

“Cressbrook Dam is closed to all public access. Water was 120mm over the spillway crest at Cressbrook Dam this morning (Wednesday, May 11), which is above the level where the dam must be closed in accordance with our Dam Safety Emergency Action Plan,” Mayor Antonio said.

“Council is notifying residents downstream of Cressbrook Dam as a precautionary measure, in line with the stipulated guidelines.

“An imminent closure of recreation activities could be enforced at Cooby Dam, given more rain is expected in coming days. Depending on the rainfall total, our three dams could be closed to all public access as a safety precaution.

“While forecasts indicate the Toowoomba Region is on the edge of the heaviest rainfall predictions, which are closer to the coast, we are monitoring rainfall forecasts to gauge where any potential problems could occur.

“It is impossible to forecast exactly how much rain will fall in any given location. These weather events are extremely unpredictable.

“Following heavy rain and flooding across the Region earlier in the year, any additional rain has the potential to pose a hazard, particularly across our road network. As of 1.45pm today (May 11) there are more than 30 roads across the Region that are flooded and currently closed or have a hazard which poses a danger to motorists.

“Motorists are reminded to heed the simple message, ‘If it’s flooded, forget it’. Please observe any warning signs and drive to the conditions, however not every hazard will be signposted.

“Wet weather creates many hazards on the roads, such as water over the road, potholes, washouts and slippery surfaces. These conditions persist after the rain has stopped and motorists need to exercise caution.

“If the rain continues, we expect to see more road closures. Please avoid travelling unless it is urgent.”

In a life-threatening emergency call 000 and for emergency flood or storm assistance, call the State Emergency Service on 132 500.

Listen to ABC Radio for relevant disaster information updates and warnings.

Advice about TRC road closures will be notified at

For Bureau of Meteorology updates and warnings, please visit,