Parking fine payment options

1. Online

Pay by credit card via ePathway.

2. By phone

Call us during business hours 131 872 and have your infringement handy.
Payments can be made using a credit or debit card.

3. In person

Visit your local customer service centre and bring your infringement with you. Payments can be made using cash or by credit / debit card.

4. By post

Please enclose this infringement notice with a cheque or money order made payable to Toowoomba Regional Council to:

Toowoomba Regional Council

PO Box 3021



Current as at 1 July 2021

Offence type

  • Park longer than permitted time  - $68
  • Stop contrary to 'NO PARKING' sign - $110
  • Stop contrary to 'NO STOPPING' sign - $110
  • Park not wholly within marked space - $41
  • Authorised vehicle stop in loading zone for longer than signed - $55
  • Stop near obstruction on road so as to obstruct traffic - $110
  • Other parking offences and restrictions on stopping - $41
  • Angle parking - failing to properly position the vehicle - $41
  • Park improperly in parking bay - $41
  • Stop unauthorised vehicle in bus zone - $110
  • Double park - $55
  • Exceed maximum indicated time - $68
  • Fail to comply with requirements of authorised system (pay & display) - $55
  • Fail to pay parking fee (meter) - $55
  • Stop heavy/long vehicle not in a built-up area other than on shoulder of the road - $275
  • Stop heavy/long vehicle on length of road longer than 1 hour in a built-up area - $689
  • Authorised vehicle stop in loading zone more than 30 minutes - $55
  • Stop unauthorised vehicle in mailzone - $55
  • Park longer than permitted 30min - $68
  • Stop within 3m of postbox - $55
  • Park on a one way road other than parallel - $41
  • Park on a two way road other than left and parallel - $41
  • Stop unauthorised vehicle in permit zone - $55
  • Stop contrary to 'CLEARWAY' sign - $110
  • Stop contrary to disabled parking sign - $275
  • Stop across driveway - $55
  • Stop at intersection $110
  • Stop within 20m of intersection with traffic lights - $110
  • Stop within 10m of intersection without traffic lights - $110
  • Stop contrary to motorbike parking sign - $41
  • Stop on bicycle path/footpath/shared path or dividing strip/nature strip in built-up area - $55
  • Stop unauthorised vehicle in taxi zone - $110
  • Stop within 20m before or 10m after pedestrian crossing - $110
  • Stop unauthorised vehicle in work zone - $55
  • Park another vehicle in allocated space - $55
  • Stop unauthorised vehicle in loading zone - $68
  • Stop at bus stop - $55
  • Stop within 20m before or 10m after bus stop - $55
  • Park within 3m of continuous dividing line or strip - $41
  • Stop contrary to continuous yellow edge line - $110



Request for review guidelines

If you have been issued with an infringement you may be eligible to have the penalty withdrawn under certain circumstances.

Council will only consider withdrawing an infringement notice under extraordinary circumstances and reserves the right to enforce all penalty infringement notices at its discretion.

The following circumstances may constitute reasonable grounds for Council to withdraw the infringement notice:

  • you have a valid legal defence
  • you have an exemption from the law
  • there is an error on the infringement notice
  • there are exceptional circumstances.

To assist our decision making, it is important you provide sufficient supporting evidence when you lodge a request for review. The grounds of your application may not be considered without supporting documentation or evidence.

Depending on the type of offence indicated on the infringement notice, you should try to include (where applicable):

  • the grounds of any legal defence, exemption from the law, exception circumstances, or error on the infringement notice
  • photographs or diagrams showing the exact location of the incident
  • vehicle repair invoice, spare parts or towing receipt
  • a copy of a valid parking permit or disability parking permit
  • a copy of a parking ticket or receipt
  • a bank statement showing date and time of purchase of a parking ticket
  • Statutory Declaration from a witness
  • written advice or crime report from the Queensland Police Service
  • a reference number for reporting a meter fault
  • a letter from a medical specialist
  • any other supporting documentation or evidence which may be used.

  • first time offence
  • poor visibility due to weather
  • not noticing official parking sign
  • not having change for meter
  • left the vehicle to find coins
  • money put in incorrect meter/terminal
  • reading only part of a multi-panel sign
  • unable to read the sign while parked
  • not noticing a change in restriction
  • running late or being in a hurry
  • being delayed at an appointment
  • briefly stopping in a prohibited location
  • being new or unfamiliar to the area
  • being unaware of the Road Rules
  • incorrectly displaying a paid parking ticket
  • financial hardship.

To submit your completed request for review and any additional documentation please either:

Please allow up to 28 days for your infringement review to be processed. Please note some requests for review may take longer.

If your fine is enforced after the review, your options will be:

  • pay the penalty in full to finalise the matter
  • apply to make payments by installments (for an infringement notice penalty of $200 or more)
  • elect to have a Magistrates Court hearing.


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