ParksWeekLogoWe're ready to celebrate all our great parks!

Parks Week will run from 5 to 13 March 2022 with a wide range of activities designed to encourage residents to enjoy their neighbourhood parks and open recreation spaces. Activities offered in parks across the Region will include fitness classes for adults and kids, walking groups, parkrun and much more.

Bookings are required to participate in most Parks Week activities. Please see the full list of activities in our parks below.

Parks and open spaces are a valuable resource in our Region and help support  physical and mental wellbeing through healthy and active lifestyles. Our parks also provide environmental benefits to our Region, and build more connected communities by providing places where people come together for leisure.

Parks Week is celebrated throughout Australia and New Zealand as a combined initiative of New Zealand Recreation Association and Parks and Leisure Australia. 

Our top 5 ways to spend time in parks

  1. Join one of our regular Change Project activities, such as yoga, bootcamp, kids fitness, walking groups or parkrun. Visit The Change Project webpage for full details or check out the offerings below.
  2. Go for your favourite hike, or discover something new in our Walks and Trails booklet. Find more information on the Walks and Trails webpage, or download the Walks and trails booklet.
  3. Give your furry friend a play in one of our dog off leash parks. Visit our Dog off leash webpage for more details.
  4. Slow things down and pack the picnic blanket and basket for some time-out at your local park. Explore parks in your local area on our Parks locator webpage.
  5. Volunteer with one of our Bushcare and gardening groups. Find more information what groups are available on our Volunteering webpage .

Parks Week activities

Get your team of 4 to 5 people together for some fun exploring our parks and win one of 3 adventure packs. 

Using the online scavenger hunt app, your team will complete a set of fun and interactive challenges located throughout our parks and earn points. It's a great way to discover our parks and enjoy the outdoors. So what are you waiting for? Pack a picnic and get out there! 

How to play the game

  1. Download the GooseChase iOS or Android app.
  2. Choose to play as a guest, or register for a personal account with a username and password of your choice.
  3. Search for and select The Change Project park scavenger hunt, or search the game code R3VGVL.
  4. Follow the prompts to select or create your player profile. 
  5. Create your team or select your team from the list if it's already been created. 
  6. Once in the game you'll be presented with the missions you or your team are attempting to complete and earn points. Missions include: trivia questions, photos/videos, and GPS check ins. To complete a mission select it from the list. 
  7. Keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how your team is going. 

Download printable GooseChase instructions here.


One adventure pack will be awarded to each of the top 3 teams with the most amount of points at the conclusion of the game. The prizes are valued at $65 each

Privacy/ collection notice

Participation is subject to the GooseChase terms of service and the GooseChase privacy policy. 

This activity can be undertaken as a guest or as a registered user of The Original Scavenger Hunt App (GooseChase). Personal Information provided to GooseChase is made available to authorised Council staff to support the administration of the online scavenger hunt. Submissions via GooseChase will be retained to improve future activities and comply with legislative requirements. Winners who participate as a guest will be contacted via the Council Game Manager to claim their prize. For more information on our Privacy Policy, please see our privacy webpage.

Have you ever dreamt about having a garden full of fresh produce you've grown yourself but don't know where to start? Then visit the Toowoomba Organic Gardens! This community group love to share their knowledge and have years of combined experience to help you get started.

Visit the gardens during Parks Week and enjoy a tour of the gardens to see the new improvements and wonderful produce they've grown. There'll also be seedlings on sale so you can start to grow your own at home. 

Where: 22a Goggs Street, Toowoomba
When: 6, 9 and 13 March, 9 - 11am
Cost: Free
Contact: email  or visit their website

The Change Project hold multiple free and low-cost exercise classes across the Region all year round. Come and try the following classes for free during Parks Week. For a list of all our regular classes visit the Change Project webpage. 



Bringing out your inner rock star with Pound. Using weighted drumsticks, this class will have you moving and jamming for a full body interval training exercise class. It's heaps of fun, so come and try it out. 

Where: Picnic Point, rotunda area 
When: Saturday 12 March, 3pm
Cost: Free
Contact: Annemarie via phone 0412 792 017 or email 



Active Seniors 

This class is designed to keep you moving and stay active. Exercises are low impact and will help you to improve fitness, strength and mobility. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Where: Errol Munt Sports Reserve, New England Highway, Yarraman
When: Thursday 10 March, 10am 
Cost: Free
Contact: Helen via phone 0434 243 085 or email 


Tone it up 

Strengthen and tone your whole body through gentle pilates style movements. This class incorporates bodyweight exercises but resistance bands are also utilised to increase the intensity and add variety. Dynamic and static stretching is built into each workout to increase flexibility and range of motion thus improving the overall function of your body.

Where: Highfields Sport and Recreation Park (netball courts), Highfields
When: Friday 9am 
Cost: $5 per person, per session
Contact: Amy via phone 0427 696 100 or email


Lilyvale (Meringandan West)

Whole body park workout

Where: Lilyvale Sports Oval, 581 Yalangur-Lilyvale Road, Lilyvale 
When: Tuesday 4pm
Cost: $5
Contact: Natalie via phone 0400 023 299 or email BYO exercise mat and hat. 



Revive bootcamp 

A full body workout that comprises all aspects of fitness including muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance and stability, agility and coordination. A warm friendly atmosphere suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Where: Bridgman Oval, Pittsworth 
When: Last Thursday of the month, 8am
Cost: $5
Contact: Belinda via phone 0428 796 405 or email

Pittsworth bootcamp

Where: Bridgman Oval, Pittsworth
When: Every second Thursday (1st and 3rd of every month) 9am
Cost: $5 per person, per session
Contact: Nola via phone 0428118836 or email




Where: Lemway Avenue Park/ West Creek 8
When: Monday 9.30am 
Cost: $5 per person, per session
Contact: Majenta via email or facebook

Crossfit CFL 1 

This is a beginner level Crossfit class designed for anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness through high intensity functional fitness training methods. 

Where: Queens Park Amphitheatre
When: Wednesday 5.15pm 
Cost: Free
Contact: Zachary Kaddatz via phone 0413 713 064 or email 

Inclusive autistic exercise class 

Boxercise is a total body workout, allowing you to directly stimulate all of your muscles in a fun, energetic and inclusive environment surrounded by like-minded people. The benefits of this class can go far beyond the physical, allowing you to improve your hand-eye coordination, motor skills, reaction times and agility, therefore, increasing your overall fitness and health.

Boxercise will involve shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, press-ups, shuttle-runs & core exercises. This class is open to all fitness levels and you can participate at your own pace as you build confidence and strength. Classes are open for children from the age of seven right through to seniors. This class is run by an experienced trainer who has seen and experienced life as an autistic person and father and is empowering others to not let life hold them back.

Where: Picnic Point Park, Toowoomba 
When: Monday 9am 
Cost: $5 per person, per session
Contact: Isaac via phone 0400 075 003 email visit 

Please note this class is NDIS approved.

Mums who move 

Where: Captain Cook Park, McGregor Street, Wilsonton
When: Tuesday and Thursday 5.30pm
Cost: $5 per person, per session
Contact: Sara via phone 0416 323 656 or email 



Flex & flow bootcamps

Where: Centenary Park, Westbrook
When: Saturday 7 - 7.30am
Cost: $3 per person, per session
Contact: Paul and Coralee via phone 0458 600 001 or email



Where: Highfields Sport & Recreation Park (Clubhouse), access off Cronin Road, Highfields
When: Tuesday and Thursday 8 - 9am and Friday 9 - 10am 
Cost: $5 per person, per session
Contact: Jan via phone 0400 270 334 or email 




Where: Newtown Park, Holberton Street, Newtown 
When: Friday 8 - 9am
Cost: $3 per person, per session
Contact: Jody via phone 0402 144 527 or email

Where: Laurel Bank Park, Hill Street, Toowoomba
When: Monday and Wednesday 8 - 9am
Cost: $3 per person, per session
Contact: Jody via phone 0402 144 527 or email


Jungle body (burn/konga) 

Easy to follow steps played to fun modern music, slightly higher intensity. 

Where: Highfields Sports and Recreation Park (soccer clubhouse), access off Cronin Road, Highfields
When: Monday 6.30pm 
Cost: $5 per person, per session
Contact: Di via phone 0435 120 548 or email

Jungle body (burn/konga) low impact

Easy to follow steps played to music from the 60's to the 90's, lower intensity. 

Where: Highfields Sports and Recreation Park (soccer clubhouse), access off Cronin Road, Highfields
When:  Thursday 9.20am
Cost: $5 per person, per session
Contact: Di via phone 0435 120 548 or email

Jungle body get low (low impact)

Where: Highfields Sports and Recreation Park (clubhouse), access off Cronin Road, Highfields
When: Wednesday 6.15 - 7.00pm
Cost: $4 per person, per session
Contact: Di via phone 0435 120 548 or email

Zumba gold 

The design of this class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination. It's perfect for active older adults, beginners and people with injuries or disabilities who are looking for a modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves at a low-intensity. Come ready to sweat and prepare to leave empowered and feeling strong.

Where: Highfields Sports and Recreation Park (Clubhouse), access off Cronin Road, Highfields
When: Tuesday 9.30am
Cost: $5 per person, per session
Contact: Di via phone 0435 120 548 or email


Billy's Buddies ball sports program (2 to 6 years)

Billy’s Buddies is a well-structured non-contact ball sports program designed for kids aged between 2 and 6 years. The program emphasises having fun and encouraging children to develop their social skills and learn the fundamentals of not only rugby league but ball sports in general. Teamwork is the cornerstone of the activities. All sessions are run by Toowoomba Billy's Buddies Coach - Brianna. 

Where: Wednesday sessions, Queens Park (corner of Margaret Street and Lindsay St) Football Field, Toowoomba
Saturday sessions, Picnic Point (Heller Street Park), Toowoomba 
When: 23 February to 27 April, 2022 (10 weeks) 
           Wednesday 4pm session 
           Wednesday 4.30pm session 
           Saturday 9am session 
           Saturday 9.30am session 

Cost: $5 per child, per session. Bookings are essential and can be made by clicking on the link above for the relevant session time. 
Contact: Council 131 872 or email 

GETT fit kids (6 to 12 years)

Where: Lake Annand Park, Long Street, South Toowoomba
When: Monday 4.15 - 5pm 
Cost: $5 per child, per session. Bookings essential  
Contact: Tash via phone 0451 438 801 or email

Crows Nest

Crows Nest Flat Landers

Where: Post Office, 19 Curnow Street, Crows Nest
When: Monday to Friday, 5.45am (60 minute walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Evelyn via phone 0409 645 640
Join the Crows Nest Flat Landers walkers group online



Highfields Hoofers

Where: Peacehaven Park (rotunda), Kuhls Road, Highfields 
When: Monday and Thursday 4pm (60 minute walk) 
Cost: Free
Contact: Jan via phone 0447 710 441 or email 
Join the Highfields Hoofers group online



East Creek OPAP Walkers

Where: East Creek Community Centre, 43 Kitchener Street, Toowoomba
When: Tuesday 8.45am (60 minute walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Sally-Ann via phone 07 4639 2755 or email 
Join the East Creek OPAP walkers group online


Harlo Walkers

Where: Harlaxton Neighbourhood Centre, Harlaxton
When: Wednesday 10am. Contact organiser for times as they can vary (30 minute walk) 
Cost: Free
Contact: Matt via phone 07 4639 2868 or email
Join the Harlo Walkers walking group online


Toowoomba Central Walkers

Where: Laurel Bank Park, Hill Street, Toowoomba  
When: Tuesday and Thursday 6.30am (30 minute walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Barry via phone 0497 425 155 or email
Join the Toowoomba Central walkers group online


Toowoomba Discount Drug Store Walkers

Where: 8 Mylne Street, Toowoomba City
When: Wednesday 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Katrina via phone 07 4637 1888
Join the Discount Drug Store walkers group online


Toowoomba Hearty Ramblers

Where: Corner Crotty and Hume Streets, Centenary Heights
When: Monday to Friday, 6am (30 minute walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Judy via phone 07 4635 9059 
Join the Toowoomba Hearty Ramblers group online


Wilsonton Walkers

Where: Heights Community Centre, 16 Wine Drive, Wilsonton Heights
When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6.30am (60 minute walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Gail via phone 0451 448 902 
Join the Wilsonton Walkers group online
(Wilsonton Walkers also participate in Parkrun on Saturdays. Transport available)

Highfields parkrun

Where: Highfields Sport and Recreation Park, off Cronin Road, Highfields
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am 
Cost: Free 
Contact: Marty - phone 0409 566 497 or Janeen - phone 0427 063 521 or email 
Register: parkrun website


Oakey parkrun

Where: Arthur Shooter Park, Stanley St, Oakey
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Helen - phone 0418 794 565 or email  
Register: parkrun website


Pittsworth parkrun

Where: Pittsworth Showground (canteen area), Pittsworth 
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am 
Cost: Free
Contact: Jaime - phone 0437 210 572 or email 
Register: parkrun website


South Toowoomba parkrun

Where: Middle Ridge Park, Stenner St, Toowoomba
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Robbie - phone 0419 023 487 or email 
Register: parkrun website 


Toowoomba parkrun

Where: Queens Park (off Lindsay St), Toowoomba
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Margaret - phone 0407 645 656 or email
Register: parkrun website

Friends of the Escarpment Parks (FEP) offer a 6 week Eco Gym Bushcare Program each Wednesday. The program consists of bushland conservation projects suitable to introduce new volunteers to activities that help native plants and animals to thrive in their natural bushland environment. These activities will also help to develop skills that could be a great asset in other areas. A variety of different activities are available to suit people of various ages, abilities and interests.

Where: Hartmann Bushland Reserve, 4 Alderley St, Rangeville

When: Wednesday, from 9 March, 9am - 11.30am 

Cost: Free

Contact: Phone 0428 288 077 or email

What to wear: Protective sun smart clothing including elastic sided boots (or other sturdy boots/shoes), long trousers, long sleeve shirt, a vented broad brimmed hat, leather riggers gloves (or gardening gloves) and sun glasses where possible.

What to bring: Sun screen if required, drinking water and a snack. Before starting we also recommend that participants should be well hydrated. Friends of the Escarpment Parks volunteers will provide a tour of the reserve and supply tools, training and supervision. Children to be accompanied by a parent/adult.

Social croquet

When: Tuesday 9am and Sunday 4pm

Where: West Toowoomba Croquet Club, Newtown Park, 147a Taylor St, Toowoomba

Cost: First 4 sessions are free

Contact: Joy (West Toowoomba Croquet Club) on phone: 4633 0911 or their website

Look for the QR Code on the equipment at East Creek (Kitchener Street) and Black Gully parks and scan with your smartphone to watch an instructional workout video. Workout videos, and a full list of outdoor gyms are available online here (click on 'Outdoor Gyms').



Health warning: You should satisfy yourself that you have a suitable fitness level, ability and skill before you undertake an activity.  If you have concerns in this regard, it is recommended that you seek appropriate independent advice, including medical advice.  You should not expect to receive such advice from Toowoomba Regional Council’s members, staff, contractors or agents, nor should you rely on any opinions expressed by them in relation to your fitness level, ability or skill to undertake an activity.