Summer Tunes graphic

Enjoy lazy summer Sundays with an outing to our free 2024 Summer Tunes program in the coming weeks. Summer is a great time of year to enjoy a visit to our parks that will host some of the Region’s top musical performers.

Pack a hamper and a picnic blanket to make a date with friends and family to keep the summer holiday vibes rolling.

2024 Summer Tunes program

Sunday 4 February 2024: 

Kingsthorpe Memorial Hall, 4pm - 7pm, Wayward

Picnic Point, 4pm - 7pm, Andrew Kucks Duo


Sunday 11 February 2024: 

 Cambooya, 4pm - 7pm, Rowley and Ryan

Laurel Bank Park, 4pm - 7pm, Signy Janelle Duo


Sunday 18 February 2024:

Wylahra Grove Community Hall (Millmerran Downs) , 3pm - 6pm, Ethan Bielefeld & Joel Hunt 

Newtown Park, 4pm - 7pm, Peter Campbell Duo


Sunday 25 February 2024: 

Yarraman Memorial Hall, 3pm - 6pm, Sticks and Tones 

Queens Park Botanic Garden, 4pm - 7pm, 2 Timing