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What is Toowoomba Region Futures?

Toowoomba Region Futures is a five-year program (‘The Program’) designed to build a community vision for growth and development in our Region.

 The Program will provide an integrated roadmap for managing urban growth throughout our Region, including:

  • a new planning scheme to guide how land is used and developed
  • an infrastructure plan for servicing projected growth, such as water, sewerage, transport, and land for parks and community services
  • a growth plan, to guide where and how employment and population growth occur in the Region.

To find out more visit yoursay.tr.qld.gov.au/tr-futures 


What is Shaping our Future? 

From 16 May to 19 June 2022 we'll be seeking community and stakeholder feedback on two key aspects of the Toowoomba Region Futures program:

  • The draft ‘Strategic Framework’, a key part of the new planning scheme, sets its overall direction and has been developed based on technical studies and in-depth stakeholder and community consultation.
  • Check out the draft Strategic Framework Mapping Tool to access mapping for the draft Strategic Framework. 
  • Proposed growth scenarios for future development to inform the Growth Plan.

Share your thoughts or find out more at yoursay.tr.qld.gov.au/shaping-our-future


Our Region is likely to grow by more than 55,000 people over the next three decades. That’s because we are considered a safe, healthy, prosperous and inclusive Region. We need to work together to maintain this status as we grow and change. We’re building a community of the future. We need to embrace the opportunity to capture the community’s vision for our Region. We need to listen, plan and create our future together. 

This is a plan for managing growth that is sustainable and affordable. It means providing lifestyle, jobs and housing choices for people of all ages, abilities and stages of life. It is working together to protect the landscapes and the way of life we love. It means shaping tomorrow by putting people first.

See our Toowoomba Region Futures video or click on the link below.

TR Futures

The Toowoomba Region Futures program was launched to the community on Thursday 11 February 2021.

The Toowoomba Region Futures program is expected to be completed in May 2025.

In 2019, the current planning scheme was reviewed and the need to develop a new plan for guiding our Region’s future was recognised. This process identified gaps that became the focus of detailed studies on key topics in 2020.

We engaged with the community and stakeholders throughout the process to develop these detailed studies.

Detailed engagement on these key topics was undertaken during 2021:

  • ‘Greening Toowoomba’- planning for the protection and enhancement of our Region’s network of living assets
  • ‘Talking Towns – planning for the future design of our towns and suburbs
  • Growth Plan – planning for where future population and employment growth occur

Findings from the gap studies and this in-depth engagement process have directly informed the draft Strategic Framework, the main subject of the ‘Shaping our Future’ engagement.

Outcomes from this engagement will help inform the next stage of the program, ‘Shaping our Future’, and the development of the new planning scheme.

Several strategic projects are being undertaken to provide evidence-based data in order to shape these tools.

Studies include:

  • Regional Landscape and Urban Character Assessment
  • Landslide and Steep Land Study
  • Bushfire Risk Assessment
  • Temperate Climate Design Study
  • Indigenous Cultural Heritage Study
  • Toowoomba Region Urban Framework (TRUFF)
  • Regional Scenic Amenity Study
  • Buffer Study
  • Land Use Implications of Major Infrastructure
  • Industry Review
  • Zone Review
  • Green Infrastructure Strategy Planning Integration (GRISPI)
  • Servicing Strategy

Shaping our Future 

What we want to know

  • To confirm that feedback to date has been accurately interpreted and that key issues and concerns are addressed and prioritised appropriately.
  • If the draft Strategic Framework aligns with community and stakeholder needs and aspirations related to how our Region will grow in the future
  • That people understand, connect to, and agree with the approach in the draft Strategic Framework
  • To confirm the draft Strategic Framework’s six priority issues – responding to climate, green Region, transport choice, housing choice, healthy communities, and economic growth – reflect key concerns.
  • To understand preferences for a growth pattern that emphasizes ‘convenience’ (with more growth within walking distance to existing centres); or ‘new communities’ (with more growth in outer areas)

Why we want to know this information

  • The Strategic Framework is the first part of the new planning scheme to be drafted and paints the big-picture vision for future development in our Region.
  • From the Framework, and with other technical inputs, planners will determine how to apply specific controls like zones, overlays, and building rules to shape development across our Region.
  • The preferred growth pattern will inform the Toowoomba Region Growth Plan, which will identify where population and employment growth is to occur.
  • This is the key opportunity for the community and stakeholders to help set the direction for the Toowoomba Region’s growth and to make sure our planning reflects the needs, aspirations, concerns, and preferences of our Region’s residents.
  • Getting the strategic direction right will help ensure future development aligns with our shared intentions for our Region’s future and ultimately a better lifestyle for everyone.

How we are finding out

  • Shaping our Future seeks feedback from a broad cross-section of our community to ensure the Strategic Framework and Growth Plan considers our diverse values and interests.
  • From 16 May to 19 June 2022, stakeholders and the broader community can review the draft Strategic Framework and two proposed growth scenarios for the Growth Plan.
  • There are a wide range of opportunities to provide input, including:
  • Targeted 1:1 or small group stakeholder meetings
  • Engaging with young people through local schools
  • Industry briefings
  • Meetings with focus groups and reference groups
  • Online opportunities, including a survey and mapping tools
  • Pop-ups and drop-in sessions
  • Engagement opportunities will be heavily promoted through all Council channels, local media, and key local advertising opportunities such as local TV streaming, shopping centres and bus backs and shelters
  • The draft Strategic Framework will be reviewed and updated based on the feedback received. It will then form part of the basis for developing the draft planning scheme, along with other technical studies.
  • Feedback on the proposed growth scenarios will inform the decision to emphasize ‘convenience’ (growth within walking distance to existing centres) OR ‘new communities’ (with more growth in outer areas) in the Growth Plan.
  • A report on all formal comments will be prepared and a summary of feedback from the overall engagement will be shared with the community.
  • There will be another opportunity to provide feedback on the draft planning scheme in 2023.


The planning scheme guides how land in the Toowoomba Region can be used and developed, to make sure the right development happens in the right places, and in the right form. It sets out the vision for the type of Region we want to be in the future, and the standards and rules for use, development, and protection of specific land and buildings, to achieve our vision.

The planning scheme identifies when planning approval is required for a development, and the requirements that must be met to be approved. This is to make sure that development and associated infrastructure contributes to achieving our future vision, while accommodating growth and change.

Find out more information on what a planning scheme does and how to use the online planning scheme.

The Toowoomba Region Growth Plan will be a clear, coordinated, and sustainable long-term population and employment growth strategy for the region to 2050. The growth plan will inform the Toowoomba Region Planning Scheme and the Infrastructure Plan.

The growth plan will guide development with either an emphasis on ‘convenience’ (with more infill development) or ‘new communities’ (with more urban fringe development), depending on the preferred scenario. However, either outcome will provide for a mix of both infill and urban fringe development.

Read more about Community Growth Action Plans.

The Toowoomba Region Infrastructure Plan (TRIP) is a plan to service our Region now and into the future with infrastructure that is necessary to support the anticipated growth in our communities. The TRIP identifies the land and works needed to provide key services, ensuring that development for our people, business and public places works like it is supposed to and keeps our Region liveable. Find out more information about Local Government Infrastructure Plans.

The Strategic Framework is one of three key elements of the planning scheme. The strategic framework sets the big-picture vision for future development in the Region. The other two elements, assessment tables, and codes are the tools to achieve that vision.

Assessment tables inform planners if planning approval is required for a development, and the codes that need to be considered. Codes contain the standards that the development needs to meet to be approved. These tools ensure each development contributes to achieving the future vision.

If you want to understand why the planning scheme requires you to do something in a certain way, the Strategic Framework will provide the answer.

How is ‘Shaping our Future’ different from the feedback I gave before?

In 2020 and 2021 we talked to you as part of our gap studies on key topics, which helped us prepare the draft Strategic Framework. Now we’re seeking your feedback on the draft, to make sure it reflects your needs and aspirations, that issues are prioritised correctly, and we haven’t missed anything.

There’s also another opportunity to have a say on your preferred growth option. We sought feedback on these late last year but given the importance of making the right choice for our Region, we decided to open it up again.

Why should I contribute?

Lots of people feel passionate about planning when there is a nearby development proposed near their home that they disagree with. But if the planning scheme supports that development, there is not much that can be done.

‘Shaping our Future’ is your opportunity to get out in front. Your feedback now can influence a planning scheme that is more likely to be aligned with how you see your street, neighbourhood, town, and Region in the future.

Don’t wait for something you don’t like. Our tomorrow is being shaped right now, and this is your chance to be part of it.

How can I contribute?

Lots of ways! Visit www.yoursay.tr.gov.au/shaping-our-future before 19 June for more information and to have your say.

What is the process for finalising the plans?

The draft Strategic Framework will be reviewed in line with your feedback, and then used to help develop the draft planning scheme. The draft planning scheme will be reviewed by the State Government, and then there’s another opportunity for public comment, expected to be in 2024. The draft will be revised once more with this round of feedback before it is finalised.

The Growth Plan will be finalised based on feedback on the preferred growth option and other inputs and used to inform the draft planning scheme. The infrastructure plan is informed by both processes.

What is the difference between the two growth options?

Either option will include a mix of growth in existing areas and at the outer edges of Toowoomba city, but we have a choice about the proportion of each growth type. The ‘convenience’ option has more growth in central areas, whereas the ‘new communities’ option has more outer growth.

What this means is:


Who will be involved in the program?

Many people and groups will be involved in planning for the future, including Council, state government agencies, community groups, development industry bodies, landowners, business owners, and youth representatives. We want to hear from as many people as possible. Toowoomba Region Futures is about understanding the needs and aspirations of all our communities. The Region belongs to all of us so let’s all be a part of planning for its future.

  • We’re seeking community and stakeholder feedback between 16 May and 19 June 2022 on two key aspects of the Toowoomba Region Futures program:

    • The draft ‘Strategic Framework’, a key part of the new planning scheme which sets its overall direction, and has been developed based on technical studies and in-depth stakeholder and community consultation.
    • Proposed growth scenarios for future development to inform the Growth Plan

    Opportunities will be listed on our website yoursay.tr.qld.gov.au/shaping-our-future so please check in regularly.

    To find out more call 131 872 or email yoursay@tr.qld.gov.au

Yes, there’ll be many opportunities for the community to have a say on our Region’s growth and development from 2021- 2024. Check out yoursay.tr.qld.gov.au/tr-futures to find out how you can get involved.

To find out more about the Toowoomba Region Futures program or see how you can get involved in this Region-shaping project please visit yoursay.tr.qld.gov.au/tr-futures, email yoursay@tr.qld.gov.au or call 131 872.