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What is Toowoomba Region Futures?

Toowoomba Region Futures is a four-and-a-half-year Council program designed to build a community vision for growth and development in our Region for the next 30 years. 

It will help us:

  • define what land can be used for, such as housing, farming or industry
  • control how land can be developed, such as converting an office into a retail shop
  • identify infrastructure like water, sewerage and transport networks needed to support existing and emerging communities
  • protect our natural, rural and urban landscapes and areas of cultural significance.

The next round of consultation kicks off on 18 October - have your say!


Our Region is likely to grow by more than 55,000 people over the next three decades. That’s because we are considered a safe, healthy, prosperous and inclusive Region. We need to work together to maintain this status as we grow and change. We’re building a community of the future. We need to embrace the opportunity to capture the community’s vision for our Region. We need to listen, plan and create our future together. 

This is a plan for managing growth that is sustainable and affordable. It means providing lifestyle, jobs and housing choices for people of all ages, abilities and stages of life. It is working together to protect the landscapes and the way of life we love. It means shaping tomorrow by putting people first.

See our new Toowoomba Region Futures video here or click on the link below.

TR Futures

The Toowoomba Region Futures program was launched to the community on Thursday 11 February 2021.

The Toowoomba Region Futures program is expected to be completed in 2025.

Toowoomba Region Futures will deliver a new Toowoomba Region Planning Scheme, a Toowoomba Region Growth Plan and a Toowoomba Region Infrastructure Plan.

TR Futures Infographic

Several strategic projects are being undertaken to provide evidence-based data in order to shape these tools.

Studies include:

  • Regional Landscape and Urban Character Assessment
  • Landslide and Steep Land Study
  • Bushfire Risk Assessment
  • Temperate Climate Design Study
  • Indigenous Cultural Heritage Study
  • Toowoomba Region Urban Framework (TRUFF)
  • Regional Scenic Amenity Study
  • Buffer Study
  • Land Use Implications of Major Infrastructure
  • Industry Review
  • Zone Review
  • Green Infrastructure Strategy Planning Integration (GRISPI)
  • Servicing Strategy

TR Planning Scheme Info Graphic

The Toowoomba Region Planning Scheme is a set of maps and documents prepared by Council to guide how land in the Toowoomba Region can be used and developed. It ensures the right development happens in the right locations and identifies infrastructure like roads, water and sewerage needed to service our Region now and into the future. It includes policies and frameworks to protect our natural, rural and urban landscapes and areas of cultural significance. More information can be found here.

TR Infrastructure Plan Info Graphic

The Toowoomba Region Infrastructure Plan (TRIP) is a plan to service our Region now and into the future with infrastructure that is necessary to support the anticipated growth in our communities. The TRIP identifies the land and works needed to provide key services, ensuring that development for our people, business and public places works like it is supposed to and keeps our Region liveable. More information can be found here

TR Gowth Plan Infographic

The Toowoomba Region Growth Plan will be a clear, coordinated and sustainable long-term population and employment growth strategy for the Region to 2050. It will inform the development of a new Toowoomba Region Planning Scheme and Toowoomba Region Infrastructure Plan. The community will be able to have their say on the plan during 2021. Check out to find out how you get involved. More information can be found here.

Many people and groups will be involved in planning for the future, including Council, state government agencies, community groups, development industry bodies, landowners, business owners and youth representatives. We want to hear from as many people as possible. Toowoomba Region Futures is about understanding the needs and aspirations of all our communities. The Region belongs to all of us so let’s all be a part of planning for its future.

  • Framework for our Future - 31 January 2022 to 4 March 2022. We're preparing a new planning scheme to ensure that new development makes a positive contribution to our future. The Strategic Framework is the part of the Planning Scheme which describes the vision for our Region. It sets out ten features of a vibrant, inclusive and liveable Region that are proposed to underpin the new planning scheme, and 50 ways that new development will be shaped to deliver those features. In February next year we will be seeking your views on which of those features are most important to you.
  • Greening Toowoomba  - October to November 2021 - how we protect and enhance our Region’s natural assets for future generations. The Greening Toowoomba survey is now closed. 

  • Talking Towns – October to November 2021 – how your town is planned including street design, building design, town centres and much more. The Talking Towns Design Framework survey is now closed.

  • Toowoomba Region Growth Plan – October to November 2021 – options for managing future growth in our Region. The draft Growth Plan survey is now closed. 


Opportunities will be listed on our website so please check in regularly.

To find out more visit call 131 872 or email

Yes, there’ll be many opportunities for the community to have a say on our Region’s growth and development from 2021- 2024. Check out to find out how you can get involved.

To find out more about the Toowoomba Region Futures program or see how you can get involved in this Region-shaping project please visit, email or call 131 872.