All dogs in the Toowoomba Region must be registered with us as a requirement of State legislation. Registering your dog will help your pet be returned to you if it is lost, with registration fees funding animal management services for the community. While it is not a requirement to register your cat with us, you must still be aware of limits to the number of allowed cats and the guidelines for being a responsible cat owner.

On this page, you will find information on:


Cat registration

You do not need to register your cat with us but you must still microchip your cat and comply with the number of allowed cats. 

Information about guidelines you must follow as a cat owner is available in our Responsible pet ownership article.


Dog registration 

Dogs in the Toowoomba Region must be registered with us:

  • upon reaching three months of age
  • prior to the expiry of the current registration
  • within 14 days of obtaining your dog (if the dog is older than three months of age)
  • within 14 days of moving into the Toowoomba Regional Council area.

Dog registration is a requirement of State legislation outlined in the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.

Additionally, registering your dog is a safeguard for your pet to be returned if it becomes lost. Registration fees help provide animal management related services to the community including the provision of animal shelter facilities and staff capacity to provide educational activities and deal with animal-related emergencies.

How to register your dog

Before registering, please make sure to check the number of animals allowed to be kept at your property.   

There are three different ways you can register your dog:

  1. Complete the online form.
  2. Print out and fill in the  Dog registration application form (PDF for print) and return it to a Customer Service Office or mail it to Toowoomba Regional Council, 4 Little Street.
  3. Visit a Customer Service Office.

To receive dog registration renewal notices by email, register online.

You need to provide the following information to register your dog:

  • breed
  • colour
  • microchip (where applicable)
  • owner's name, address and contact number
  • desexing certificate (this is a requirement to receive the discounted rate)
  • age
  • sex
  • property details where the dog is kept
  • proof of pension entitlement.

We are also able to take note of any distinguishing features or marks your dog may have as well as record the microchip number if applicable.

Your dog is only registered once the required information is provided and the correct registration fee has been paid.

Reciprocal registration is a transfer of the balance of the current year's registration of an animal from one local government area to another. This means there is no fee to register in that current financial year.

Reciprocal registration can occur when:

  • a dog (other than a regulated dog) is currently registered with another local government in Australia and satisfactory proof of registration is produced to Council (such as a receipt or registration certificate)

If you qualify for reciprocal registration please:

  • visit a Customer Service Centre to complete an animal registration form for the animal/s
  • provide proof of current registration (receipt or registration certificate) with another local government
  • provide a microchip number if applicable
  • proof of desexing (if you wish to claim the desexed animal rebate).

Please remember to:

  • update your animals' new residency details on the national database (microchipping)
  • advise Council of your leaving and returning to the Toowoomba Regional Council area as required under the Act. Reciprocal registration is not available unless you have advised Council of these changes.

There is no fee for reciprocal registration. This will apply for the remainder of the current year of registration.

We offer generously discounted registration rates for desexed dogs.

Dogs that have been obedience trained are less likely to cause a nuisance. Therefore in the spirit of rewarding responsible dog owners, we offer a 50% registration discount for dogs that have reached an appropriate level of obedience.  

To qualify for this discount you must show a certificate of achievement provided by dog training organisation, club or group. We will adjust your records to reflect that your dog qualifies for the obedience training discount for the next registration year.

We're proud to offer a nil registration fee for eligible disability assistance dogs. To be eligible you will need to:

For further information please contact us.

To be eligible for a discount on your dog registration you must have one of the following:

  • a current Queensland Centrelink Pensioner Concession card, or
  • a Veterans' Affairs gold card.

It is very important to advise us of any changes to your dog's registration details. For example, if you move house or change your telephone number, we must alter the records so we can still contact you if your dog is found outside your property. It also ensures that you receive your annual renewal notice and your dog isn't left unregistered after the annual expiry date.

The number of animals you can keep at your property depends on a number of considerations. To find out the number of allowed animals for your property open 'Requirements for animal owners'.


Animal registration renewals

Animal registration renewals occur in June of each year but dog owners are welcome to update their details at any time. The yearly registration period runs from 1 July to 30 June each year. To receive renewal notices by email, register online.

The registration renewal service is only available from 1 June to 30 June. Registration renewal can be paid online, by mail, by phone or over the counter. Failing to register your dog by 30 June means the dog will be unregistered.

To keep your details up-to-date please ensure you notify us of the following changes by no later than the first week in May each year:

  • your dog has been de-sexed
  • your dog is deceased
  • you have changed your address
  • if there are any other changes to your dog’s registration details.

If required, a copy of the animal registration notice can be requested by contacting us.


Change of ownership

Use the form below to change registration details from one owner to another.

Animals - dog change of ownership form (online)

Animals - dog change of ownership form (for print)


Lifetime dog registration tags

All new dog registrations and dog registration renewals from 1 July 2016 will receive a green lifetime tag at the time of registration. The new lifetime tags are designed to be environmentally friendly and make the registration process easier for dog owners. Dog owners will still pay annual registration fees as normal each June, but won’t need to replace tags every year and will have the convenience of keeping the same tag number for the entire life of the dog.

The tag must be worn by the dog at all times. This tag will assist the return of your dog in the event that it becomes lost.

If your dog’s lifetime tag is lost or damaged a replacement tag can be obtained at Council’s Customer Service Centre, at no charge.


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