Clifton museum outside

A tribute to the district's pioneering past

The Clifton Historical Museum is a community-driven initiative to preserve the rich history of the surrounding community. 

The museum collection includes something for everyone:

  • a 1930's dining room
  • a pioneer bedroom
  • an early hospital ward, kitchen and children's room
  • original records of local businesses and schools
  • memoirs of long-time residents
  • photographic collection
  • forebears search on the database
  • an extensive range of early agricultural tools and machinery that will evoke memories of yesteryear
  • old movie memorabilia, communication, history, musical pieces.

The museum is located in a new building built on the site of the old Clifton Butter Factory (built 1908 and closed 1966) and operated by volunteers from the local historical society.

Many of the exhibits housed in the museum have been donated by the local community.

48 King Street, Clifton

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Open Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 2pm.

Closed Tuesday & Wednesday.

Research enquiries: phone Mrs Joy King on 07 4697 3660

Other enquires: phone Linda Nicholas on 0418 876 765

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