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South Toowoomba - Clewley Park (part of the West Creek corridor)

Address: Pechey Street, South Toowoomba QLD 4350

Located adjacent to Toowoomba Base Hospital on Toowoomba's West Creek, and in close proximity to the city centre, Clewley Park is an inner-city oasis.

Its two distinct recreational areas are divided by West Creek and connected by a bridge with the main vehicle entrance to the parkland and extensive off-street parking provided via Water Street.

The Pechey Street side features a large central pond with lily pads and a bridge, gardens, birdlife, playground equipment, barbecue and picnic facilities, toilet amenities, walking and cycling paths, and large open areas. 

The Water Street side hosts barbecue and picnic facilities, toilet amenities, off-street parking, Parkour (also known as free-running) play equipment, walking and cycling paths, and large open areas which are popular for kick-about activities.  

With multiple facilities on offer surrounded by stunning landscaping, Clewley Park is popular for small groups and events. Please visit our park bookings section to book the park for a community event.

Upgraded as part of Council's Gowrie Creek Catchment Management Strategy, the park is the perfect inner-city escape for visitors to enjoy a barbecue or picnic, or for a nice tranquil walk. The inclusion of a children's playground also makes the park popular with families.  


The park features various picnic areas, footpaths and modern play equipment. 


This park is linked with others along the creek forming a walking and cycling path from the CBD to the south of the city. 


A Parkour playground is located on the eastern side of Clewley Park. Parkour is the art of moving one's body throughout obstacles using the momentum of one's body only.


Clewley Park also comprises a community amenities building consisting of a kitchenette/laundry room, two unisex accessible shower cubicles, two standard restrooms, three unisex ambulant restrooms, and a common outdoor covered area.  


For more information about accessing these facilities please contact us.


Also present in the Water Street section of the park is the permanent, Never Silent, Never Violent memorial - an open-cupped, upturned hand which rises out of the rough sandstone. The hand symbolises the relief and release sought by victims of violence, as well as the helping hand that the Toowoomba community offers.



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Drinking fountain
Picnic tables
Mountain biking


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