Facility will be closed on Friday 19 April for the Toowoomba Show public holiday.
Outside the historic Goods Shed

The 120-year old heritage-listed Railway Goods Shed has been transformed into a first-class, flexible space, available for commercial and community activities and events.

Goods Shed fact sheet

How to book

To check for vacancies and make a booking contact us via any of the following options:

Online: Community venues booking form (online)
Phone: 07 4699 6500 
Email: Goods.shed@tr.qld.gov.au

Subject to availability.


The Goods Shed is located at 3 Victoria Street, Toowoomba. View Google map. 

Goods Shed Map - best parking locations

You can access The Goods Shed main entrance off Victoria Street. The best parking for this venue is either the parking zones off Mylne Street, or the off-street parking accessible by Ann Street. Both areas are close to The Goods Shed. 


The Goods Shed can easily accommodate 1500 persons for a range of events. 


This is a self-service venue. Additional services can be organised upon request.


The fees and charges for this venue can be viewed online here.

Contact us

Arrange a tour and meet our function coordinator:

Opening times are by appointment only.  Please contact the centre directly to organise an appointment.

Venue information

This large-sized facility is a blank canvas and offers a versatile events space suitable for a range of events from market days, weddings, expos and conferences.  You will have exclusive access to our full venue inclusive of the large open meeting space, as well as railway platforms.  These platforms are suitable for pre-drinks, ceremonies or displays and are complimented by rustic barn doors that open out to our private outdoor deck.  

The Goods Shed is wheelchair accessible and has 63 parking bays onsite.

The Goods Shed dimensions

Length: approximately 114m

Width: approximately 22m

Celebrate your special day inside the historic Railway Goods Shed. Our experienced team of event coordinators can assist you with customised floor plans and help with wedding planning tips to get you started on planning the wedding of your dreams. Talk to our event coordinator today to discuss your special requirements.  

The Goods Shed
The Goods Shed
The Goods Shed
The Goods Shed
The Goods Shed
The Goods Shed
The Goods Shed

The Railway Goods Shed Project

Concluding in 2019 this project saw the restoration and refurbishment of the 130-year-old heritage-listed Toowoomba Railway Goods Shed. The careful renewal of the unique timber structure and installation of modern service provisions has given this facility a new lease of life. The facility now has the ability to host any range of events and the community is encouraged to consider the hire of it for their next community function.

The Railway Goods Shed was the first step in the implementation of the Railway Parklands Master Plan. This exciting programs of work will be delivered over multiple years and ultimately provide community infrastructure for our growing community.

The project was partially funded by the Queensland Government’s Building our Regions program. 

CDFT Venues Terms and Conditions

The hirer is responsible for the conduct and safety of all persons attending the event and must ensure compliance with all laws.

Public Liability: All parties who hire Council facilities must have minimum $10 million public liability insurance coverage. Proof of such coverage is required before your booking can be confirmed. We allow casual hirers who hire Council facilities no more than a total of twelve (12) days over a twelve (12) month period to use the venue without public liability insurance and they are covered by council’s policy (e.g. a private wedding or meeting). However, this does not include commercial or incorporated users or sporting clubs or associations of any kind.

Tentative Bookings: Tentative bookings for the venue will be accepted at the discretion of management and will be held for a period of seven (7) days only. If the venue receives an enquiry for a date that is tentatively booked, the contact person for the tentative booking will be notified and given first preference to confirm their reservation. If no signed Booking Contract is received, the tentative booking will be forfeited.

Regular bookings: Regular bookings can be made for a period of up to 12 months (within the same financial year). Regular booking requests need to be resubmitted each year. Any fee increases must be paid by the hirer. Regular bookings may be required to be cancelled/rescheduled in preference of major events, with Management giving users the maximum amount of notice possible. Use of the same room for each booking cannot be guaranteed. Council does not accept permanent bookings.

Payment: Our policy requires full payment of all charges ten (10) working days prior to your event. Payment can be made by cash, Master card, Visa card, EFTPOS and cheque at any Toowoomba Regional Council service centres. Please note: surcharges may apply on credit card payments.

Pricing - Venue Hire: Pricing is current for this financial year. The Management reserves the right to review pricing up to three (3) months prior to the date of the function. Weekend functions may attract a staffing surcharge.

Cancellations: Cancellations of events at any stage will forfeit the deposit - in the situation where it is the Hirer who has cancelled the event (or caused the event to be cancelled). And functions cancelled less than ten (10) days before the event will forfeit all money paid and will require payment for goods or services already purchased.

Toowoomba Regional Council cannot be held responsible for cancellations and adjustments to bookings due to circumstances beyond our control. This includes but is not limited to power disturbances, industrial disputes, fire, flood, vandalism, or any act that prevents or inhibits the normal operation of the venue.

Management reserves the right to cancel or refuse the hiring of venues for reasons including unsuitability of the proposed activity, risk to public safety, previous unsatisfactory conduct of the Hirer or other good cause. Entire Contract: This Booking Contract is the entire contract with respect to the subject matter of this Booking Contract and supersedes and cancels any other arrangements, understandings and negotiations in relation to it. The Booking Contract can be varied only by agreement in writing. Indemnity: The Hirer is solely liable for and must indemnify and hereby indemnifies and saves harmless Council from and against all damage made by, or brought against the Hirer. The Hirer will ensure that it’s contractors, agents and invitees do not perform any act or omission that indirectly or directly causes damage, and that would, if the act or omission were performed by the Hirer, breach this Booking Contract. If the acts or omissions of the Hirer or the Hirer’s Contractors, agents and invitees indirectly or directly cause damage, the Hirer will be liable for any damage arising out of, in the cause of, or in relation to either directly or indirectly, the function including the postponement or cancellation of the function. For the purposes of this Indemnity, “damage” includes, but is not limited to, any and all liability, suits, actions, proceedings, claims, personal injury, death, demands, charges, costs, penalties, losses, damages and expenses.

Breakages, damage or loss: The Hirer must reimburse Toowoomba Regional Council for any damages, breakages or losses occurring during their hire period. Toowoomba Regional Council is not responsible for any damage to or loss of property placed in the venue by the Hirer, except to the extent that such damage arises from a negligent act of Council.

Children: All children attending the facility are the responsibility of the hirer/parent(s)/guardian(s) and/or appointed carers and must be supervised for the duration of the booking.

Cleaning: Where excessive cleaning is required, an additional cleaning charge will apply.

Closing Time: All functions must cease by midnight. A security guard may attend the venue as part of these arrangements. When vacating the premises, please be considerate of our neighbours.

Delivery and Pick Up of Equipment: Management must be advised of any deliveries and collections to be made on behalf of the Hirer, to ensure access to the venue is available.

Electrical Obligations: Electrical Equipment owned by the Hirer or introduced into the venue for a function must be in good working order and fully compliant with Australian safety regulations.

Entertainment: Management reserve the right to approve all entertainment. Copyright may be payable for performances, or other forms of entertainment and/or use of music (whether recorded or live). It would be appreciated if you discuss your entertainment selection with our staff to avoid problems. Bump in/bump out times will need to be pre-arranged with staff. Any infringement for copyright will be at the hirer’s expense.

Evacuation Plans: Fire and Emergency Evacuation Plans are located throughout the venue. On the day of your function/induction a copy of the evacuation plan will be provided to you. It is recommended that the plan be discussed/stated to your guests prior to the commencement of the function.

Operation of Equipment: Management is responsible for approving the use of equipment by hirers. No minor shall operate and equipment in the venue at any time. Equipment owned by the Hirer or introduced into the venue for a function must be in good working order and fully compliant with Australian safety regulations.

Security: The venue is hired under the terms that the person whose signature appears on the form accepts and agrees to ensure the security of the Toowoomba Regional Council property. The hirer is responsible for Council property that may be damaged or removed from the premises.

The hirer must always be present during the period of hire. The hirer is responsible for the conduct and safety of all persons attending the event and must ensure compliance with all laws. Hirers must not allow the premises to be used in a disorderly manner or in any manner likely to cause and annoyance to neighbours, or to bring dispute to the venue or Toowoomba Regional Council. It is the hirer's responsibility to obtain adequate insurance coverage for their activities.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the building or within 5 metres of any entrances to the building.

Sustainable practices: The venues strive to be environmentally friendly. We discourage the use of single use products such as water bottles, straws, balloons etc.

Temporary Fixtures and Decorations: It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that no walls, floors or any parts of the venue are to be broken, pierced by nails or screws, or other method nor any writing, printing, painting or other decoration be made on the walls. Adhesive tape is not an acceptable method of attachment. Vehicles: Vehicles are not to be driven indoors or on the grassed areas surrounding the venues unless prior approval is granted by Management.

Additional Conditions of Hire - Railway Goods Shed

Inductions: It is a requirement for all clients to attend a site induction at a minimum of every 12 months. If any changes are to occur within the venue, the client may need to attend an induction update session.

Bonds: All Railway Goods Shed bookings require a bond of $500 which is returned to the client post event inspection.

Alcohol: It is highly recommended that alcohol may be served to your guests by Responsible Servers of Alcohol (RSA trained). As per the Liquor Act 1992: It is against the law to serve alcohol to, or allow anyone to supply alcohol to, someone who is (a) a minor, (b) unduly intoxicated or (c) disorderly. ID may be required for anyone that looks under 25 years of age and if acceptable ID is not shown, service of alcohol will be refused. Please ensure your guests are aware of this policy. If alcohol is to be sold, Venue Management will require a copy of the approved liquor licence (or exemption) prior to the function and a copy must be displayed at the bar during the function. Hirer's must ensure that alcohol is only consumed within the confines of the Venue.

Catering: All activities involving food handling and/or preparation must comply with the Food Act 2006. All licensable food businesses must hold and display a current Food Licence under the Food Act 2006. Both licensable and non-licensable food businesses (including non-for-profit activities) must comply with food safety requirements under the Food Act 2006 and the Food Safety Standards. The Hirer shall not bring or permit any additional cooking appliances for use in the facility kitchens unless written approval has been received from Venue Management. For further information or advice regarding licensing requirements and food safety matters please contact Council's Environmental Health Compliance Group on 131 872. All catering and/or food arrangements need to be declared to Venue Management a minimum of 24 hours prior to the booking commencing. If catering is organised externally the Hirer is responsible for the preparation, serving and clean-up of your catering.