eps recycling

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) recycling is available at the Greater Toowoomba and Kleinton Waste Management Facilities at no charge for domestic customers and small volumes for commercial customers. Larger volumes from commercial customers may attract a minor charge.

EPS materials that can be recycled include appliance packaging, fruit and vegetable boxes and similar products that are free of all labels, stickers, tapes, strappings, packing films, plastic wrap, hard plastics, adhesives, etc.

Foam cups, meat/food packaging trays, takeaway food containers, packing "peanuts", bean bag fill etc., are not recyclable and must be disposed of in your kerbside general waste bin (red lid) or as residual/landfilled waste at your local waste management facility.

EPS materials can be identified by the No. 6 Plastics Identification Code (PIC).