We provide funding and/or in-kind assistance to help not-for-profit and incorporated organisations to support new facilities and upgrades of facilities to benefit the community.

Organisations may apply for a grant to cover between 50% to 90%* of the funding gap (total project cost excluding GST less other external grant sources) up to a maximum of $150,000. The percentage of the funding gap which is eligible to be covered by Council grant funding is dependent upon the total project cost excluding GST, and is determined as per the below contribution breakdown:

  • Projects to undertake planning work require a 10% club contribution. This includes planning required for significant infrastructure e.g. multi lighting design, amenities/canteen/clubhouse plans and/or organisational planning e.g. strategic club development plans.
  • 25% contribution for projects with a funding gap up to $15,000 ex GST (e.g. $12,000 long term equipment purchase would require a $3,000 contribution from the applicant).
  • 30% contribution for projects with a funding gap between $15,001 ex GST and $34,999 ex GST (e.g. a $33,000 storage shed would require an $11,000 contribution from the applicant).
  • 40% contribution for projects with a funding gap between $35,000 ex GST and $49,999 ex GST (e.g. a $40,000 change room refurbishment would require a $16,000 contribution from the applicant). 
  • 50% contribution for projects with a funding gap of $50,000 ex GST and over (e.g. a $90,000 amenities upgrade would require a $45,000 contribution from the applicant).

Funds obtained through other external grant funding sources cannot be used as applicant contributions.

The opportunity to apply for a grant is available twice annually:

Opening date Closing date
1 February 2022 1 March 2022
1 July 2022 1 August 2022

Groups and organisations that can apply for a grant

Groups and organisations that meet all of the following:

  • are not-for-profit
  • are an incorporated legal entity or are sponsored by an incorporated legal entity
  • operate or provide services within the Toowoomba Regional area
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • have appropriate insurance and adhere to sound workplace health and safety practices
  • are able to demonstrate financial viability
  • have met all acquittal conditions of previous council grants
  • projects outside of core business of public and private educational institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary including Parents & Citizens and Parents & Friends Associations) and demonstrates broader community benefit
  • conduct activity on land owned privately and/or by the State Government providing evidence of tenure with a term outlining a minimum of 3 years is submitted. 

If your group is not a legally constituted not-for-profit entity, your application will need to be endorsed by a legally constituted not-for-profit entity. The organisation that endorses the application takes responsibility for ensuring the funds are used as specified in the grant allocation. An organisation may endorse one or more community groups and can still lodge an application on its own behalf.

Groups ineligible for a grant

These groups should not apply:

  • for-profit companies, Trusts and other organisations
  • government, semi-government organisations and statutory authorities 
  • unions and student guilds
  • research foundations and
  • professional associations

Sport and Recreation Grants will not fund:

  • programs such as coaching, professional development, training or first aid
  • loan or other debt repayments
  • projects already started (i.e., items purchased* or construction commenced) or completed (i.e., already constructed)
  • recurrent administration and running costs such as regular wages, office expenses, rent, mortgage repayments or land purchases
  • equipment that has a short life or needs regular replacement 
  • rates, utilities, energy, insurance or regulatory expenses
  • projects with a commercial purpose
  • projects already funded by other Toowoomba Regional Council grant programs
  • prize money, trophies, raffle prizes or fundraising
  • core business projects of public and private educational institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary including Parents & Citizens and Parents & Friends Associations)
  • Sport and Recreation Events 1
  • Offset of fees and charges for Council facilities, equipment or services1
  • Assistance to enhance or improve an existing service or community facility1

1 These projects may be eligible under an alternate grants scheme

* Project items purchased within the previous 12 months, and submitted as an in-kind contribution towards the grant application, will not be considered as having already started the project (subject to the items meeting all Australian Standards, Building Code and Council requirements).

Low priority is given to:

  • organisations/individuals that have received funding previously for similar events excluding community events.

Specific conditions of funding may vary between grant programs. For further information, please contact an officer from the relevant funding program on 131 872.

Grant assessment

Applicants must demonstrate that:

  • the organisation and project is eligible
  • the organisation and project is viable
  • genuine need and community benefit
  • how and why the support being requested will positively impact the local community
  • evidence of planning, consultation and support
  • financial need, the organisation's contribution and support, and other funding sought (whether successful or not)
  • linkages to program objectives
  • any regulatory requirements have been or will be met, and
  • a balanced, realistic and complete project budget.

Grants are assessed by panels that include our staff experienced in each category and Councillors. Grants are highly competitive and approval will depend on available funds, the number of applications and program priorities. Part-funding may be offered.

Unsuccessful applicants may contact the relevant Council Officer, who will provide feedback and assistance with future grant applications.

Grant conditions

Successful applicants must:

  • enter into a funding agreement with us
  • use the grant only for the nominated purpose for which it is given, unless written approval is given by Council for a variation
  • obtain all appropriate permits, approvals, licences, insurances and indemnities etc, relating to the project
  • expend the funds within 12 months of being granted, unless written approval has been given by us for an extension
  • acknowledge our support as set out in the funding agreement
  • acquit the grant on an acquittal form as set out in the funding agreement within six weeks of completion of the project

We reserve the right to request an audit of grant expenditure. Any unspent funds must be returned to us. Successful applicants who fail to comply with any of the above conditions may have their grant funding offer withdrawn.


The following organisations and projects were successful in receiving funding in the August 2022 round of the Toowoomba Regional Council Sport and Recreation Community Grants:

Toowoomba BMX Club Inc: $8,260.00 Excl GST for upgrades to the BMX track at Captain Cook Recreation Reserve

Millmerran Golf Club: $7,672.50 Excl GST to upgrade the dry storage area

Oakey Soccer Club Inc: $2,792.51 Excl GST to purchase 2 new laptops and new soccer goals

Toowoomba Dog Obedience Club Inc: $23,836.36 Excl GST to upgrade the field lighting at Norman Park

Toowoomba Basketball Association Inc: $5,179.09 Excl GST to purchase 4 new laptops

RM Equestrian Centre Inc: $21,106.59 Excl GST to upgrade the dressage arena and riding surface

Oakey and District Memorial Bowls Club Inc: $7,206.82 Excl GST to purchase an electric greens mower

Council’s suite of community support grants is now online. Council is teaming up with the SmartyGrants software platform with the new electronic application process starting from 1 July 2022. Those new to SmartyGrants are required to establish a username and password before they can commence an application, and Council staff are willing to assist new users with this step. SmartyGrants offers many advantages to users including the ability to attach required documents when submitting the application. Regular grant subscribers may already be familiar with SmartyGrants, and for those that aren’t, Council is willing to meet with community groups and organisations to provide a simple overview of the system. Advice and assistance on applying for Council grants can be obtained by contacting Council on 131 872. 

How to apply

  1. Read the 2.14 Sport and Recreation Grant Program Guidelines to check eligibility. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact a Sport and Recreation Officer on 131 872.
  2. If eligible, fill in the SmartyGrants online application form

Intending applicants are requested to use the following forms when completing their submission. Only one of the budget tables will need to be completed and submitted as a file upload with the SmartyGrants Sport & Recreation Grant Application Form. 

Should intending applicants be successful in their submission, when it comes time to acquit their project, the grant acquittal summary template will need to be completed and uploaded as a file attachment with the SmartyGrants online acquittal process.

Application help

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their application prior to completion or submission. This ensures any required documents will form part of the applicant’s submission and provides the best opportunity to be considered for support.

Applicants can attend a community grant workshop or make appointments to see appropriate staff for advice. Contact us to make appointments.

Our online statistical tool, which provides information on our region’s demographic and economic breakdown, may provide further information for the development of grant applications.