We recognise the importance of maintaining a safe, sustainable and resilient community. As part of our City Safe Program we operate a CCTV system around the Toowoomba CBD that deters, detects and intervenes in anti-social and illegal activity, providing a safer environment for the community to enjoy and feel safe.

The City Safe camera network consists of Digital Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) that are owned, operated and monitored by us. Our cameras are located in public spaces such as parks, car parks, footpaths, roads and public access venues. There are signs and plaques in the vicinity of cameras to notify the public of their existence and how to find out further information.

Whilst we strive to provide a safe community through various initiatives, we also recognise the importance of maintaining an individual’s privacy. The operation of the CCTV system is done in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 and Right to Information Act 2009.

Camera monitoring

We are responsible for monitoring the cameras from a control room located in Toowoomba. Images are also shared live with Queensland Police Service for effective policing and efficient response to incidents.

How long footage is kept

Live footage is kept for 14 days before it is written over due to storage requirements. Footage that is requested and approved for extraction is kept for 7 years in accordance with the Public Records Act 2002.

CCTV collection notice

Who can apply for footage

Footage can be supplied to:

  • Queensland Police Service
  • Toowoomba Regional Council
  • Other local/state government agencies
  • Solicitors (acting on behalf of a client)
  • Individuals (with either a Queensland Police Service charge sheet, a notice to appear or other supporting documentation)

How to apply

To apply for footage fill in the Request for CCTV footage (online) form. 

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