Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) is encouraging young people aged between 14 and 24 to apply for the 2025 Youth Leaders Program. Applications must be submitted by July 31.

TRC Community Development, Facilities and Tourism portfolio Councillor, Cr James O’Shea, said the program helped young people learn about their community, gain leadership experience, become involved in community activities, and provide a voice for their peers.

“The program, which has been operating since 2015, allows 25 people from across our Region to learn about, and advocate to, local government, local communities, and youth services, Cr O’Shea said.

“Our youth leaders play an important part in ensuring that Council programs are relevant to the needs of local youth and that activities are reaching as many young people as possible.

“There are almost 30,000 young people living in the Toowoomba Region who are an integral part of our community. We want applicants to bring fresh ideas and an enthusiastic outlook about building a better Region.

“The Youth Leaders program has achieved many aims, with previous initiatives including collaborating with, and supporting, local youth services, organising events, developing environmental projects, and volunteering at Queensland Youth Week activities across the Region.

“Young leaders have also represented our Region at local, state and national forums that have helped to shape youth policy at all levels of government.

“To be eligible for the program applicants must be aged between 14 and 24, live in the Toowoomba Regional Council area, be able to attend monthly meetings, plus be available for two training camps that are scheduled for September and December 2024.”

Cr O’Shea encouraged eligible young people to finalise their applications by July 31.

For more information, please visit or email

Background information:

  • The Youth Leaders program aims to:
    • Represent the voice of all young people,
    • Encourage young people to be involved in Local Government, community planning and decision-making processes,
    • Develop applicants to become youth representatives,
    • Communicate effectively will all young people,
    • Connect with other leaders across the Region to increase youth networks, and
    • Ensure Council’s youth strategy is relevant and representative of our Region’s young people.

    Key responsibilities
    • Attend all Youth Leader meetings as set by the group and the Community Development Officer for Youth and the Youth Development Officer,
    • Maintain regular contact with the Community Development Officer – Youth and the Youth Development Officer regarding projects, programs, as well as youth and community issues/priorities,
    • Attend appointments identified by the Youth Leaders Program or at the request of the Community Development team,
    • Advocate on behalf of the young people in your community and the Toowoomba Region,
    • Actively promote young people’s positive contributions to the community,
    • Actively promote the Youth Leaders program, as well as promoting other youth programs supported by us (including the Youth Connect program), and
    • Identify and ensure that at least one new person applies for the Youth Leaders program each year.