More than a dozen events across the Toowoomba Region could be in line for increased future funding after Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) endorsed a change to its Core Community Event Program funding model this week.

At this week’s Ordinary Meeting of TRC, Council endorsed a change to the way community events are funded with a move towards a competitive funding model over the next three years which would see 14 events across the Region become eligible for greater funding.

Core Community events such as Clifton Country Week, Jacaranda Day, Crows Nest Day Festival, Westbrook Family Fun Day, Millmerran Christmas in the Bush and Oakey Santa Fair could all receive greater funding under the new model endorsed by TRC.

TRC Environment and Community Committee Chair Cr James O’Shea said events would be categorised based on patronage and eligible funding would reflect the size of each event.

“Events across the Toowoomba Region will fall into three categories, major, regional and community with funding eligibility based on the size of the event which gives greater consistency to our event funding model.

“TRC identified that the previous funding model did not provide an equitable opportunity for funding for all regional and community events. The level of support and funding varied greatly and this new approach gives consistency to TRC’s event support model.

“The transition of core community events to competitive funding will encourage self-sufficiency, sustainability and funding compliance allowing for equitable opportunities for all events in regional townships.

“The current allocation to Regional Core Community Events totals $35,505. Under the competitive Event Support Grant Program those same events would be eligible for up to $79,500.

“This is a positive move towards making these community events more self-sufficient into the future.

“TRC will continue to support a vibrant regional events calendar each year as these events enhance the liveability of our Region and help to foster community spirit and pride,” Cr O’Shea said. 

Event organisers of eligible organisations will have the opportunity to apply for funding twice annually, with grant programs to run in February and July each year.