Rehabilitation has commenced on the Pilton landfill site

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) has commenced rehabilitation work on its landfills, with four sites set for completion this financial year.

TRC Water and Waste Committee portfolio lead Cr Nancy Sommerfield said this was an important step to ensure sustainable environmental outcomes.

“Council has 29 landfill sites throughout the Region and it’s our duty to responsibly manage these sites,” she said.

“Closed landfills require rehabilitation which involves re-profiling the surface to ensure stormwater is appropriately managed and capping the old landfill with material to prevent any potential groundwater contamination.

“In the 2020/21 financial year Council expects to complete rehabilitation work on the Pilton, Brookstead, Quinalow and Irongate landfills.

“The most recent project has been at Pilton where work commenced in April. Re-profiling of the site has been completed and a drone survey undertaken to ensure compliance with the Department of Environment and Science requirements.

“Placement and compaction of final cover material has also commenced and is expected to be completed by the end of May. The final stage will then involve revegetation of the landfill area. This will be completed in early June.

“This work aligns with the principles of the TRC Waste Management Strategy 2021 which seeks to ensure best practice in landfill development, operations and post-closure management.”

For more information about Council’s Waste Management Strategy 2021 visit or contact Council on 131 872.