Be safe on our roads every day

Be safe on our roads – every day.

That is the clear message coming from Toowoomba Regional Council Infrastructure Committee Chair Councillor Carol Taylor.

“During the course of the year, we have Road Safety Week, Fatality Free Friday and a number of events to encourage road safety but this is something we need to focus on every single day,” she said.

“Even one life lost, is one too many.

“While we can’t control what other motorists do on the road, what we can do is lead the way with our actions and take extra caution when we get behind the wheel.

“In particular, we’ve recently heard of cases here in Toowoomba where motorists are running through red lights at intersections like Victoria and Herries Streets which are causing near misses with pedestrians on the Victoria Street crossing.

“There have also been reports of cars failing to give way to pedestrians crossing at the intersection of Water and Herries Streets.

“We’ve requested extra enforcement in these areas but at the end of the day, safer driving is something each one of us need to focus on.

“Take care at intersections. Remember the road rules, particularly relating to pedestrians crossing at intersections, and obey the traffic signals and signage in place.”

For more information about road safety visit or contact Council on 131 872.