The purpose of the Access & Equity Plan is to Council with a framework to guide decision making and to determine Council’s role in providing services and facilities to make Toowoomba region an inclusive and accessible community for all. Access and equity for all, includes those people with a disability and their family and carers, parents with prams, the elderly, people with temporary and permanent injuries and those from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

By developing an Access & Equity Plan, Council will be better able to meet the access and equity needs of the community. The Access & Equity Plan will:

  • Assist in creating an accessible and inclusive community that meets the needs of people who live and work in, or visit the Toowoomba region
  • Focus on practical and achievable actions that will enable people to have the same opportunities to access services and participate in events, as can reasonably be achieved
  • Provide people equal opportunity to make economic and social contributions to the community
  • Promote values and benefits of an inclusive region.
  • Assist Council to meet its obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992

The plan focuses on 7 main areas:

  1. Pedestrians, parking and transport
  2. Community facilities, amenities and open space
  3. Planning and services
  4. Training and employment
  5. Communication and community engagement
  6. Programs and events
  7. Process of implementation and review of the access and equity plan 2016-2021

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