Classes and activities at Highfields Fitness & Recreation Centre (pool and gym)

Highfields fitness class

The Highfields Fitness and Recreation Centre has a range of activities and classes available in the pool and at the gym. See the blue sliders below for more information.


Fees and charges

View the fees and charges for Highfields Fitness and Recreation Centre:




Open hours

Open hours vary for the different areas within the facility. All open hours are detailed in the first blue slider - 'Open hours and centre facilities'.


Contact details

Please phone 4699 6530 to talk to staff. You can stay up-to-date with the latest news via the centre's Facebook page and Instagram account.



Highfields Fitness and Recreation Centre is located on O'Brien Road, Highfields.


News and events

Spring challenge - This exciting challenge incorporates fitness assessments and testing, outdoor and indoor exercises and a friendly competition between Highfields and Milne Bay participants. Come join in the fun from 15 October to 15 November on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 6am. 
The challenge is free for members and non-members can pay a casual entry price or purchase a multi visit pass. 
Call Highfields Aquatic and Fitness Centre on 4699 6330 for more information or to book. Bookings are essential as places are limited to 30 participants. 


Open hours

Centre opening hours

  • Monday to Friday 6am - 8.30pm
  • Saturday 7am - 4pm
  • Sunday 7am - 4pm
  • Public holidays: times may vary

Gym opening hours

  • Monday to Friday 6am - 8.30pm
  • Saturday 7am - 4pm
  • Sunday 7am - 4pm
  • Public holidays: times may vary

Pool opening hours 

  • Monday 6am - 6pm
  • Tuesday 6am - 6pm
  • Wednesday 6am - 5.45pm
  • Thursday 6am - 6pm
  • Friday 6am - 6pm
  • Saturday to Sunday 7am - 6pm
  • Public holidays: times may vary

Pool classes are run during the spring/summer seasons. Both the pool and sports hall are fully patrolled by trained staff and pool lifeguards. We can supply trained staff to personally supervise any booked parties. The toddlers' water slide does not operate during school swimming lessons. Please see staff for dates and times. 

The Highfields Aquatic Centre participates in the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia's KEEP WATCH Program. Our qualified lifeguards manage and supervise aquatic activities to ensure maximum safety and fun. However, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over, or by the legal parent or guardian of the child, at all times during their stay in the aquatic area. For 0–5 year olds and non-swimmers, a high visibility wristband will be worn as a means of identification, a parent or guardian needs to be in the water at all times and within arms' reach of the child. Please remember your children are your responsibility.



  • 25 metre, eight-lane heated outdoor lap pool
  • Heated children's wading pool
  • BBQ's, picnic tables and natural grass to relax on
  • Toddler's water slide
  • Lifeguards patrolling
  • Available for group hire
  • Learn to swim classes
  • Onsite parking
  • Highfields swimming club
  • Large sports stadium
  • Playground
  • Basketball court
  • Kiosk

Membership costs can be found in the fees and charges:

Membership inclusions (free with membership)

1. Use of gym facilities 

  • Use of facilities at Highfields only if using a Highfields Fitness and Recreation Center membership.
  • Use of facilities at Highfields and Milne Bay (Toowoomba) if using a full centre membership.

Please remember to bring a towel when using the gym, no towel - no workout.

2. Group fitness

  • Indoor/outdoor training
  • Spin classes, boxing, pilates, circuit style training and aerobics
  • LesMills classes
  • Metafit
  • Aqua aerobics (pool season)

All group classes can be found in the blue slider below titled 'Regular classes'.

Contact 4699 6530 to book a spot.

3. Aquatics

  • Access is seasonal if using a Highfields Fitness and Recreation Centre membership
  • Access if all year if using a full centre membership as the indoor pool at Milne Bay can be used.

4. Face to face program

One half hour session once a week for a total of five weeks.

  • Free training programs every 6-8 weeks
  • Free skinfolds
  • Free weigh and measures every 6-8 weeks

Week one: health profile check one (compulsory)

  • Check medical conditions and injuries
  • Weight and measurements are taken
  • Goals are recorded
  • Discuss what type of training program you require

Week two: program one

  • A trainer will demonstrate and assist you in completing each exercise of your new training program by focusing on technique to prevent injury

Week three: program two

  • The trainer will answer any questions you may have about your program
  • The trainer will demonstrate the exercises again in case you have forgotten
  • The trainer will also look over the technique of the exercise
  • Add or take any exercises out of the program if they are too hard, need more variety or even want more of a challenge

Week four: nutrition

  • The trainer will discuss any eating habits that you might want to change
  • Please be aware we do not set diets
  • The trainer can give advice on what may assist in achieving your goals

Week five: health profile check two

  • Record weight and measurements
  • Discuss the new program
  • Record and new injuries or medical conditions

Personal training (additional cost to membership)

  • Personal training is available to members and to non-members for an extra fee
  • These sessions are 30min long at a cost of $40 each or $300 for 10x30min sessions 

Small group personal training (additional cost to membership)

  • 1-hour training session is $70 and the cost can be split between 1- 5 participants.

Group fitness and aqua classes

Classes are listed below or you can download the Group fitness timetable - Highfields (for print).

6am -  Ride (45min)
8am - Move It (Fall prevention)
9.15am - Body Pump
9.15am - Beginners circuit (45min) (Gym floor)
5.45pm - Box Fit (sports hall)
5.45pm - Body Balance

6am - Pilates Barre (45min)
8am - Aqua Splash (45min)
9.15am - Body Step 
10.30am - Pilates
5.45pm - Body Pump                                                                                                    

6am - Body Pump (45min)                                                                                                                
8am - Stretch and Flex
9.15am - Core (30min)
10.00am - Roll and Release
5.45pm - Ride
6.45pm - Pilates

6am - Metafit (30min)
8am - Aqua Aerobics (45 min) 
9.15am - Body Pump 
9.15am - Beginners Circuit (45 min) (Gym floor)
10.30am -  Body Balance
5.45pm - Box Fit
6pm - Aqua Splash
6.45pm - Body Balance

8am - Zumba Gold
9.15am - 80's Fit 
9.15am - Beginners Circuit (45 min) (Gym floor)
10.30am - Pilates 
10.30am - Active Playgroup (45min)
5.45pm - Friday Workout (45min)                                                                                                                          

8am - Body Pump
8am - On the Move (first Saturday of each month - 45min)

Class information

Weight based class, choreographed to music to burn high amounts of calories as well as improving overall strength. 

Combining Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, Body Balance will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated, beautifully arranged to music.

Combining music and simple movements on and around a step, Les Mills Step gives you a whole body fat burning workout, like no other.

Les Mills RIDE 
Ride is a huge calorie burner that builds great-looking legs. Feel the thrill of energetic music, while getting the benefits of working in a group dynamic.

Stretch and Flex
Stretch and Flex combines stretching, muscle strengthening and relaxation techniques to deliver a well rounded program aimed at improving your mobility and well-being.

Box Fit
Ramping up the intensity in the Box Fit class. This incredible combination of boxing skills, strength movements and cardiovascular challenges will have participants completing combos, jabs, hooks, uppers and kicks..

Pilates Barre
Combines Pilates, yoga and sports conditioning into one upbeat and fun class. Barre will improve fitness, strength, flexibility and balance

A total body workout which will improve strength, lean muscle tone and flexibility with a core focus. From beginners to athletes, Pilates has something to offer everyone.

Zumba Gold
The original Zumba workout modified to suit older adults or beginners that still brings all the fun and benefits of the traditional Zumba class at a lower intensity. 

Beginner Circuits
This class is suited for a beginner as you set your own pace for how hard you want to push. We will use resistance and cardio training techniques to improve your endurance and help you build strength while all taking place on the gym floor. Limited spaces per class.

Move It - Fall Prevention
The fall prevention class is designed to cater for those who have poor balance, who have fallen and who may have developed a fear of falling. Participants should expect to begin with an easy-to-do exercise regimen which helps to improve balance, strength, flexibility and self-confidence.

80's Fit
This upbeat class has fun and inspiring instructors that keep you motivated while you are calorie-burning to a combination of 80's retro aerobic moves and modern dance-inspired exercise. Great for any skill level

Active Playgroup
Our Active Playgroup fitness class, brings together mums and bubs/children to exercise in a fun and supportive environment. Our classes are a mix of cardio, body weight, strength and core exercises, helping you strengthen your pelvic floor. Great way to expand your social network while working out.

Friday workout 
Start the weekend with a Friday Night workout, only 45 minutes, different workout each week. Classes range from Box Fit, Strength Circuits to Bootcamp and much more…

Aqua Aerobics
A mixture of water resistance and equipment based exercise using aqua techniques to provide you with a whole body workout. Suitable for all fitness levels

Aqua Splash
Anyone can join Aqua Splash; no dance background necessary - just the willingness to move and have fun with easy-to-learn steps that'll get you moving right away. This class embraces the rhythms and movements of variety of upbeat musical styles.

Bootcamp programs are run by qualified trainers. It's a military-inspired, team-based exercise program designed to push yourself to your limits. Enjoy working out in a fun and supportive environment with teammates to provide support as you work together through each weeks challenges.

Cost: Free for members. Non-members can purchase visits passes. Pass prices can be found in the Highfields Fitness and Recreation Centre - gym fees (gym and fitness facilities fees

Days: Tuesday, 6am

Contact: Call Highfields Fitness and Recreation Centre on 4699 6530 for more information or to book. Bookings are essential as places are limited to 30 participants. Venues will vary and trainers will provide precise locations.

The spring challenge is here! Time to shake off the winter blues and put a spring back in your step. This exciting challenge is run by qualified trainers, who aim to challenge the mind and body through aerobic and cardio training, increasing mobility and improving muscular endurance. The challenge includes fitness assessment and testing, outdoor and indoor exercises. A mini friendly competition between Highfields and Milne Bay participants will be involved.

The spring challenge runs each Tuesday and Friday morning at 6am from 15 October to 15 November.



Call Highfields Aquatic and Fitness Centre on 4699 6330 for more information or to book. Bookings are essential as places are limited to 30 participants. 

Unfortunately our Kid's active program will not be running term 4, 2019. Hopefully it will return in 2020. 

Our Kids Fitness Program has been designed with your children's health and fitness in mind. We have fully qualified fitness instructors who are passionate about achieving fitness and health through exercise. Our program incorporates fitness activities and games in a fun and safe environment which has been designed to be fun and non-competitive. All capabilities are catered for through age-appropriate activities.


We teach four standards that are fundamental to physical activity through participation and fun.

  • Aerobic capacity
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination


1 session per week for 10 weeks

  • Single child - $70
  • 2 children - $65 each
  • 3 children - $60 each

2 sessions per week for 10 weeks

  • Single child - $100
  • 2 children - $90 each
  • 3 children - $80 each

To enrol, see our friendly reception staff or email us for an application form.

We now have our own scanner which is available by appointment. The InBody composition analysis machine can provide a detailed description and print out of skeletal muscle mass, body fat in kilograms, total body fat percentage, visceral fat, total body water, segmental muscle and fat analysis, bone mineral content and also basal metabolic rate. The scan only takes 15-20 minutes and is completed, fully clothed.

This scan can help in monitoring fitness goals, weight loss and weight gain.

MBAC/HFR members: $25 per scan
Non-members: $35 per scan

Please contact staff at the centre on 4688 6330 or email us to book an appointment for your scan.

rsz img in body scannerrsz img in body scanner 1



Downs Little Lifeguards is a fun and educational drowning prevention program for children aged 9-17 years and their parents/guardians. Our main focus is to educate children and their guardians about potential dangers and survival strategies to combat these dangers, encourage confidence through hands-on experience and provide knowledge so everyone can help to save a life. The program is run by Royal Lifesaving volunteers and Toowoomba Region Aquatic and Fitness staff. This is not a learn to swim program.


  • Children must be 9yrs to 17yrs of age.
  • Children and adults must be capable of swimming 50m continuously (adults- if participating in water activities).
  • The program cost of $15 per location must be paid.
  • An adult must be responsible for a child or group of children on the day.
  • We encourage adults to volunteer either in the water, on land as spotters or assisting with the BBQ/refreshments.
  • Children will split into two age groups 9-12 years and 13-17 years. Parents, please note that siblings may be separated to meet age group requirements. This allows for 2 levels of activities. 
  • Children are encouraged to wear the Downs Little Lifeguard rash shirt which can be purchased at a cost of $25 (if a rash shirt is owned from a previous program, please wear it on the day).


How to apply

To join the Downs Little Lifeguards program you can:


Upcoming programs

No new programs have been scheduled at this stage.


Past programs

In March 2019 children and parents gathered at Miami Beach for a fun filled day of beach and ocean activities. We learnt vital skills to enjoy the waves such as duck diving, body surfing and how to identify, avoid and escape rip currents. We also had the privilege of using the nipper boards to experience paddling, riding the waves and practice rescues. This was a highlight for many of the participants.

dam 2019In February 2019 children plus parents experienced a fabulous day at Leslie Dam. Throughout the day we practiced survival and safety skills for enjoying the water. One of the key skills learnt on the day was how to complete rescues to help someone else and keep yourself safe at the same time. This was done through scenario based activities.

beach dll 2019

In March 2019 children and parents gathered at Miami Beach for a fun filled day of beach and ocean activities. We learnt vital skills to enjoy the waves such as duck diving, body surfing and how to identify, avoid and get out of Rip currents. We also had the privilege of using the nipper boards and experience paddling and riding the waves using the boards to then practice rescues with the boards, this was a highlight for many of the participants.

There were plenty of smiles all round and an excellent day was had by all.  

dam 2019

In February 2019  children plus parents experienced a fabulous day at Leslie Dam. Throughout the day we practiced survival and safety skills for enjoying the water. One of the key skills learnt on the day was how to complete rescues to help someone else and keep yourself safe at the same time, this was done through scenario based activities.



dam busters day 2018 trampolineIn March 2018 the Dam Busters day was held at Leslie Dam YMCA camp. Families experienced fun and safe recreational play using water trampolines and kayaking. Children were required to work as a team to assist peers to climb onto the trampolines and kayaks in deep water, then practice rescue techniques using contact and non-contact tows, unconscious rescues (role played) and CPR.



img 0236

In February 2018 families joined us at Miami Beach Surf Life Saving Club and enjoyed a hot day at the beach. The morning involved children battling it out in beach sprints, learning to body board, ride in waves and climb to the lookout to identify rips and current changes.

The afternoon saw children and adults join teams and participate in relays using boogie boards and fighting the currents. A brilliant day was had by all!  


downs little lifeguards dam day

In February 2017 families travelled to Leslie Dam YMCA Outdoor Education Centre and engaged in a full day dam experience. Children and adults learned CPR and the dangers in and around dams, weirs and water channels in theory sessions.

Participants practised rescues and survival methods using everyday items commonly used at dams during recreation such as esky’s, paddle boards, kayaks, inflatable tubes, ropes and personal flotation devices.



In October/November 2015 children and adults participated in a 2-day pool course and a day trip to Neptune Royal Surf Life Saving Club where the focus was on tidal change, currents, rips and river swimming.





In February/March 2014 children and adults were involved in a 4 session program where 3 sessions were held in the pool learning rescues, tows, treading water, swimming with clothes and survival techniques.

A day trip was held at Neptune Royal Surf Life Saving Club where children practised what was learned in the pool while incorporating the natural elements of the tides, rips, and currents. 


Award recognition

In August 2017, the Downs Little Lifeguards program won the National Aquatic Industry - Excellence in Aquatic Safety Public Messaging and Education. 


The creche at Highfields Fitness & Recreation Centre is available for your child/children to play in a safe and friendly environment which is fully supervised by qualified staff. 

Open hours

The creche is open:

  • Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 11.30am.
  • Tuesday and Thursday for Pre and Post Natal and Express 30 classes, 1pm - 3pm.
  • The creche is closed public holidays and for two weeks over Christmas.



Bookings are essential as places are limited. Please book by contacting us on 4699 6530.


A price list for our creche services can be found in the fees and charges.

Parties at Highfield's Fitness & Recreation Centre are $16.50 per child and a party host can be supplied to entertain party guests for two hours for $55 per host. For groups of 8-15 children, one host is required. For 16 children or more, two hosts are required. We offer pool parties and indoor sports and traverse climbing wall parties. 

A $33.00 non-refundable deposit is required when booking.

Parties include:

  • admission to the centre for children attending the party
  • parents and grandparents of the birthday child enter the facility at no extra charge
  • bag of lollies
  • hot foods
  • cold drinks

How to book 

For availability, additional information and bookings contact 4699 6530 or email us.

All that you need for training or leisure in the gym or pool is here at the Pro Shop. We are conveniently located inside the main entrance. Items are competitively priced, with new stock arriving regularly.

Items include:

  • Swim caps
  • Goggles
  • Nose clips
  • Flippers
  • Pool buoys
  • Kickboards
  • Swimmers
  • Rash shirts
  • Swim bags
  • Sun cream

traverse wall 250 rsz img 1170 2

The traverse rock climbing wall is available for bookings. Cost is $2 for casual entry. The wall is 2.4 m high and is 6m in length. The fun and challenge of a traverse wall is making it from one side to the other, rather than to the top. Students are never more than a few feet off the floor as they traverse, or climb across, the wall. No ropes or harnesses are needed. 

Perfect for birthday party entertainment, family challenge or to get the children active indoors. For bookings and open times contact the centre.

Group bookings are also available.

rsz img 7296 waves teachersWaves Swim School education program

The Waves Swim School aquatic education program at Highfields Fitness & Recreation Centre is divided into learning to swim and squad programs. To find the appropriate swim level, participants are assessed by staff. To book an assessment contact us. Before booking into Waves swim school, please read the terms and conditions.

Participants will be assessed by our staff to find the most suitable level. 

The Waves Swim School aquatic education program is registered with Austswim/Swim Australia.  Our programs cater for children 2 years and older run from the heated 25-metre pool and 

Cost: $14 for the first child per lesson, $13 for the second child and $12 for three or more children in the same family. 

Times: Swim school operates from 3 pm to 6 pm on Fridays and 8.30 am to 12 pm Saturdays throughout spring and summer (school terms 1 and 4). During the winter months, families can enrol at our Milne Bay Toowoomba venue.

Booking: Book by filling in the Pools - Waves Swim School application form (online).

Our swim school Waves, is registered with Austswim/Swim Australia. 

Extra programs

Disability water safety lessons

Our disability water safety program aims to teach people with specialised needs to become more water aware, to be safer in and near water and develop swimming skills. 

Adult learn to swim

Whether you want to learn to swim, need help with technique or after private lessons, we offer adult swimming lessons for all levels. 


Safety week

For one week each term, Waves Swim School run a 'safety week' when children take part in activities designed to teach them how to keep safe in aquatic environments. During this week children participate in circuits that involve wearing personal floating devices (life vests), using various flotation aids like balls and eskys, basic rescues using clothing and towels, treading water and swimming through currents and more.

Swimming carnivals at Highfields Fitness and Recreation Centre

Highfields Fitness and Recreation Centre is perfectly set up for swimming carnivals and swimming trials.

Several factors are considered prior to conducting major events. These include:

  1. Interruption to facility use by HFR members. General guidelines have been developed to reduce the impact of major events on members of HFR and the general community utilising HFR. 
  2. Disruption to local businesses. General guidelines have also been developed to reduce the impact of major events on local businesses. Cooperation, planning and effective communication are key elements to successful major events. HFR’s aquatic team leader is available to assist in planning your event. 

How to book

To book for a swimming carnival or trial, simply use the Pools - School or club swimming carnival booking form (online).

Before booking HFR for a swimming carnival or trials, please read the following information below or print out the Swimming carnival guide for schools and clubs (PDF).

Swimming carnival guide for schools and clubs

Available facilities

The following facilities are included for use:

  • 8 lane, 25 metre outdoor heated pool
  • Shaded, grassed areas of aquatic facility
  • Grandstand
  • Aquatic change rooms/toilet facilities. Change room congestion is greatly reduced when students wear their swimwear to the centre.

Fees and charges

Fees can be found in the Highfields Fitness and Recreation Centre fees and charges - online application.

All swimmers/ competitors (and spectators/parents if requested) will be counted and an invoice will be issued upon confirmation of competitor numbers of carnival. Teachers and officials will not be charged.


The centre provides the following equipment for school carnival use:

  • 16 chairs / 4 tables
  • PA system (fix location)
  • False start rope
  • Lifeguard (s)
  • Starting blocks/lane ropes

No other equipment is available.

Public address system

The public address system (fixed location) can be provided for marshalling and general announcement purposes. The busy carnival season at HFR creates some hardship for businesses. Minimal use of the PA system assists in alleviating the distress of our neighbours.

Public liability

The user group shall provide public liability insurance to the value of $10 000 000. The hirer must provide the centre with a copy of this insurance note when filling in the booking form.

Entry & exit to pool

School entry and exit to the centre is via the entry doors to the indoor centre and then through the gates leading out to the pool area. The teacher in charge is requested to ask at reception for the aquatics team leader, who will liaise with school staff throughout the carnival. 


It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that all students are required to leave the centre at the completion of the carnival and exit via the entry gates. Students may not be dismissed from school activities within the perimeter confines of the centre. This requirement includes students dismissed into a parent’s care. Students wishing to re-enter the centre will be required to pay the standard entry fee.

Area restrictions

Students are not permitted to congregate indoors. This area is designated out of bounds. Students are restricted to outdoor facilities. It is anticipated that the school’s duty roster will make provision for the posting of teachers at each entry door to HFRs indoor facilities to supervise this restriction

General public

The outdoor area is closed to the general public up to an hour prior to the carnival and up to an hour post carnival.

Student code of conduct

We realise that ‘out of school days’ create an atmosphere of excitement and freedom from the general daily routine. The behaviour and demeanour of students is expected to be respectful of the fact that HFR is a community activity facility. Centre members, other school groups, parents with young children and older adults will be using the centre at the same time as the school. Students are expected to observe and abide by the safety rules and restrictions in place.

Swimming attire

All swimmers/competitors must wear appropriate swimming attire; this includes nylon, lycra materials and excludes cotton, denim and polyester. A swimmer/competitor found not wearing appropriate swimwear will be asked to exit the water. Crepe paper/body paint / coloured zinc are NOT to be brought into the centre.

Refreshments and food

The cafe at HFR offers a range of food and refreshments to teachers and students. When placing your booking please advise if students will be permitted to purchase from the cafe. This will enable the café coordinator to roster extra staff for your event.

The sale of food by the school is strictly prohibited. Prior approval for fundraising activities such as raffles, sausage sizzles and display of advertising materials must be gained at the time of booking.

Disposal of litter

Ample rubbish bins will be in place during the busy carnival season. The grounds and facilities at HFR will be clean and ready for use. We request that schools take time prior to departure to ensure all litter and rubbish is placed in the bins provided.


Any damage to any part of the centre by any person belonging to the user group will be the responsibility of the user group. If at any time the centre is left in a damaged condition then the user group will be responsible for the payment of a repairers charge. This fee is payable within 7 working days of the issue of invoice.

School staff

School staff will be required for a variety of roles throughout the day. These will include:

  1. Supervision - A roster of duty teachers, to ensure restricted areas are maintained and safety guidelines are observed. A duty roster should include:
    • regular checks of the indoor area (sports hall, change rooms, café).
    • close supervision of students if they are required to enter the main building.
    • close supervision of lawn areas, including regular checks of the aquatic change rooms.
    • administering first aid as required. The user group must have at least one first aid officer present with relevant qualifications.

  2. Marshalling - A minimum of two school staff members will be required for marshalling duties for all events. The area adjacent to the pool concourse (at the deep end) is reserved for marshalling or deep end section of the grandstand.

  3. Event officials:
    • Announcer - to use the public address system to call students for marshalling to events
    • Starter - to operate the starting hooter for events.
    • Timekeepers - to time students competing in each event. At least one person will be required per student in each event.
    • Recorders - to record place winners for each event. At least one person for the first four place winners in each event.

Free time / free swimming / recreational swimming

Under NO circumstances is ‘free swimming’, ‘free pool play’ or recreational swimming permitted. The facility is hired for the specific purpose of conducting competitive swimming events where the maximum number of students in the pool at any one time is 8. At no time will the toddler’s pool be open for recreational swimming, during this hire period.

Free swimming, free playtime or recreational swimming is unstructured and difficult to supervise in a hazardous environment and is deemed detrimental to safe risk management strategies. Full cooperation with this policy is anticipated. A failure to cooperate may result in the school being asked to cease all activity or result in restrictions being placed on the day’s events.

We have two BBQ's and a large grassed area that is perfect for birthday parties, family gatherings and break-up parties. All you have to bring is some cooking utensils, some chairs and a picnic blanket to enjoy a great day out. And don't forget -  if you would like to swim, you must wear appropriate swimwear.

Please bring plastic glasses as no glass wear is permitted. Alcohol is also not allowed.

Booking period maximum of 2 hours and bookings are essential to save any disappointment.  

To book, please fill in the Pools - BBQ and outdoor space enquiry (Highfields Fitness and Recreation Centre.

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