Trees and plants are one of our Region’s greatest assets. Some plant species are protected according to the Nature Conservation Act 1992. For information on your legal obligations involving the protection of native plant species and laws surrounding the commercial use of protected species contact us.

Protecting Council's trees

Street and park trees are extremely valuable assets that are offered protection under Local Law 1 (Administration). It is considered an offence to prune, remove or interfere with our trees above and below ground, without prior written permission from us.

You can assist Council to protect our precious environment by: 

  • reporting sick, dead or damaged Council-owned trees;
  • not planting trees on Council land;
  • not piling lawn clippings against tree trunks; and
  • reporting unlawful pruning or removal of trees.

Private tree removal and vegetation clearing

Under the current local law/s, we no longer govern the protection of trees located on private property when not part of a development application. The protection of trees and/or vegetation is governed by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines and/or Department of Environmental and Heritage Protection (DEHP). An exemption/permit may or may not be required depending on the circumstances.

Heritage protected vegetation/trees

Where a property is heritage listed it is possible that the vegetation may be protected for historical purposes. This aspect is largely governed by the Department of Environmental and Heritage Protection. For further information on the heritage status of a property, please refer to the DEHP website or call 137 468.

Development applications involving tree removal

Questions that relate to tree removal as part of a development application should be directed toward the Parks and Recreation Branch.

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