Council adopted the Central Highfields Structure Plan (PDF) in December 2019 and is finalising the urban design guidelines. We are grateful for the input provided by the community in the preparation of these plans. The plans detail how Council’s land will be developed over time to deliver the community’s vision of a vibrant, central heart with a mix of uses, including public space, commercial, retail and residential areas.

The next phase will be the preparation of an investment strategy that will ensure the benefits of the plan are realised, including private investment opportunities.

The Central Highfields Structure Plan (PDF) builds on the high-level aspirations of the Masterplan and identifies a commercially attractive subdivision pattern. 

Students from Highfields State Secondary College have been assisting Council with ideas for future development.

Council is currently developing an Urban Design Guideline to provide direction on future phases which will be made public in coming months.

Urban design framework

The urban design framework will build on the development principles in the master plan, establishing guidelines for:

  • building heights
  • setbacks
  • landscaping treatments
  • public interface
  • other desired built form outcomes, and
  • placemaking opportunities (specific elements of the design that contribute to giving Central Highfields a ‘Highfields’ character).

You can read more about it by downloading the Central Highfields Structure Plan (PDF).