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We partner with a number of community volunteer and not-for-profit organisations to assist in the delivery of specific programs that benefit our region.


Safer Toowoomba Regional Partnerships Inc (STRP)

The STRP helps to create safety and peace through crime prevention projects. Current projects are:

The Heights Community Centre - ''The Heights' promotes harmony and builds a sense of community by providing a venue where programs and activities are available for all people of all ages. The centre is available for use by interested groups and individuals and is located at 16 Wine Drive Wilsonton Heights. More information can be found on The Heights Community Centre website.

Graffiti Busters - With the re-emergence of illegal graffiti in the region, STRP encourages the community to report illegal graffiti and arranges for its removal. Contact us on 131 872 to report graffiti.

The Wilsonton Community Gallery - The gallery is based at the Wilsonton Shopping Centre and is open to artists in the Toowoomba Region to be able to participate in art classes and sell their work. Please contact the art gallery via their Facebook page.

QPS child safety week pantomime - An engaging presentation by our friendly police officers teaching Year Two students about the 5 warning signs to keep children safe from harm.


Toowoomba Together Inc. (TTI)

Across Toowoomba there is a range of non-government organisations, departments and community groups that address various forms of violence from preventative strategies to strategies to rehabilitate offenders. Events and activities that raise community awareness include:

  • Crime prevention week
  • Child protection week
  • Domestic violence month
  • White ribbon day
  • Party safe
  • Safety for seniors presentations
  • Protective behaviours presentations

To learn more about what Toowoomba Together does, please access the Toowoomba Together Inc. website.


Road safety

The Eastern Downs Regional Road Group (based in the Toowoomba Regional Council area) has undertaken a road safety partnership project in conjunction with the Roads Alliance. The idea behind this project is to achieve greater road safety through improvements in road user behaviour and engineering.

The outcomes achieved by this project were:

  • Identification of key road safety initiatives.
  • The development of a Regional Road Safety Strategy and action plan for the Toowoomba Regional Council / Eastern Downs Regional Road Group area.
  • Intention to appoint a Road Safety Officer to coordinate road safety across the region.