Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) is urging drivers to be cautious on the roads with a recent spate of collisions between vehicles and wildlife across the region.

That’s the message from TRC Infrastructure Services Group Portfolio Chair Cr Carol Taylor who said with the dryer than normal conditions, wildlife are out and about in road corridors. 

“Although the recent rain has been welcome, with the drier than average Spring we’ve had, and the forecast dryer than average Summer, wildlife such as wallabies and kangaroos often come close to roads to look for feed, particularly in the table drains where there is likely to be moisture and a little more grass growth.

“Collisions with kangaroos and wallabies make up 90 per cent of all animal road accidents in Australia.

“There are precautions that drivers can take such as being alert at all times, knowing where wildlife are likely to be crossing or on the road, having working headlights and horn as well as driving a little slower through known wildlife corridors, particularly early and late in the day” Cr Taylor said.

“All animals can be fast moving, unpredictable and may present a road safety risk.

“I urge drivers to pay attention to the road signs as these can indicate areas where animals are more likely to be present and always scan ahead for potential dangers.

“In rural areas that much of our region covers, livestock can also be found grazing on roadsides and cattle, horses and sheep can sometimes escape their paddocks. Drivers need to take extra care in rural areas to avoid collisions,” Cr Taylor said.

If you hit an animal or witness an animal in danger or distress, you should call the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) and report it.