Bedding on ground in tunnel

Homelessness is more than not having a roof over your head. It’s a complex issue that affects many groups of people, including people living in crisis accommodation, rough sleeping, those living in inadequate dwellings, or those in temporary housing.

The causes of homelessness are varied and can include a shortage of affordable and appropriate housing, unemployment, domestic and family violence, mental illness, family breakdown, substance abuse, and others.

We acknowledge that homelessness is a significant issue and requires a whole-of-community response to address.


Support services

If you’re experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness, there are support services available in the Toowoomba Region.


The role of Council

We continue to work together with stakeholders to address homelessness by:

  • working in partnership with the Queensland Government, community services and local housing providers to address homelessness
  • making referrals to connect people who are homeless with support services
  • advocating for improved housing choice and affordability across the Region
  • supporting community projects that assist people who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness
  • involvement in initiatives such as Home on the Range to improve the design of public spaces, support the provision of housing and shelter for the homeless, and raising awareness and facilitating partnerships between local stakeholders, businesses and organisations that support people who are homeless in the Region
  • supporting My Community Directory, which provides a listing of support and accommodation services for people experiencing homelessness.

Council respects the rights of people experiencing homelessness to access public spaces and public amenities. We will only engage with a person if:

  • public health and safety issues are identified
  • they are not complying with a relevant law or regulation
  • they are in need of assistance
  • their belongings affect the use of public spaces or amenities.


The role of State Government

The Queensland Government is the lead agency responsible for reducing homelessness in Queensland and provides public housing and funding to housing and homelessness services.

The Department of Housing and Public Works and local service providers ensure that people experiencing homelessness in the Toowoomba Region have access to the support services they need.

Visit the Queensland Government website for more information.


What you can do to help


Increase your understanding and awareness of homelessness. Visit the Homelessness Australia and Council to Homeless Persons websites to learn more.

Donate or volunteer your time

Contact a service listed in My Community Directory to see what donations they accept and the items currently needed.

Many local community organisations rely solely on the generosity of community members and ongoing support from volunteers in order to operate effectively. Contact one of your local services to offer your time and support.

Opportunities for those in need

Consider offering employment or training opportunities in your business or organisation to help give someone in need a chance.

The Good Hood

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and to feel included in our community, in a home, with an address, and as part of a neighbourhood.

The Good Hood Toowoomba brings together organisations, agencies, and individuals who are concerned about and want to work together to eliminate homelessness in the Toowoomba Region.

The Good Hood are here to support our most vulnerable citizens by:

  • harnessing our collective expertise
  • advocating for housing and support resources
  • creating innovative solutions
  • enhancing affordable and appropriate housing options across the Toowoomba community.

Organisations can demonstrate their connection and participation with The Good Hood Toowoomba by signing a Charter representing its purpose and principals, agreeing that the organisation and their workers will abide by its Terms of Reference.

Contact The Good Hood Toowoomba Secretariat by email for more information.

Events and campaigns

Events are regularly held throughout the Region to raise awareness of the impact of homelessness and support our local community organisations. Get involved in Homelessness Week activities held in the first week of August, sleep-outs, and more.

View our Events Register to find upcoming events in the Toowoomba Region.