Morris Road at Gowrie Junction is set to reopen mid-next week after Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) carried out further urgent repairs to the road.

Toowoomba Region Mayor Geoff McDonald said Council officers had advised the important repairs had almost been completed.

“We know Morris Road at Gowrie Junction is an important link and that’s why Council has undertaken these further repairs as quickly as possible to ensure the road can be safely reopened next week.

“Morris Road was damaged during the 2022 flood events with the repairs on the road being part of Council’s Flood Recovery Submission.  These repairs were approved and started in February 2024.

“The repairs were completed and the road reopened just prior to Easter. The week the road reopened was also a wet week with significant rain over several days.  In the days following the reopening it became obvious there was a defective bitumen seal which allowed moisture to enter the gravel pavement and caused the pavement to pothole badly in numerous locations.

“Council subsequently re-closed the road for the safety of motorists and to allow the pavement to be reworked at various locations.

“The remediation works have been completed under the DRFA Program,” Mayor McDonald said.

“I’m pleased that Council crews have worked swiftly to undertake the rework and look forward to the community once again being able to use Morris Road from next week.”

Council apologises for any inconvenience and thanks the community for its patience and co-operation during these works.

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