The Water Supply (Safety & Reliability) Act 2008 defines trade waste as: 'The water-borne waste from business, trade or manufacturing premises, other than:

  • waste that is a prohibited substance.
  • human waste.
  • stormwater.

It is a legal requirement that all trade waste generators must:

  1. obtain a trade waste approval.
  2. be subject to regular audits from Trade Waste Officers who will advise on trade waste issues and ensure compliance under the Water Supply (Safety & Reliability) Act 2008, Council’s Trade Waste Policy and Trade Waste Management Plan (TWMP).

Any business found not to be compliant with the relevant legislation and policy requirements will be granted a reasonable transition period to upgrade their present facility to meet the minimum standards.

Current minimum installation requirements for new business

  1. A sub water meter/s to measure all incoming water supplied to the trade waste process areas of the business. Some businesses may require meters to be fitted to the discharge drain.
  2. Screens on sinks and floor waste outlets.
  3. An oily water separator.*
  4. Appropriate size and type of pre-treatment specific to the generator waste stream.

Businesses that need trade waste approval

Business/source Characteristics of waste General treatment requirements
Commercial swimming pool backwash water Backwash water containing solids & chemical solutions A metering system on the discharge line; some require a holding tank that discharges during certain hours and has restricted flow rates*
Commercial car wash Solids, oils & grease Oily water separator, holding tanks which may include recycling*
Laundromats Silt & lint traps Silt/lint trap*
Laundries Lint, temperature Cooling trap, lint screens*

 *  To be assessed by Trade Waste Officer

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