Highfields - Peacehaven Botanic Park

Tuesday, 06 Oct 2020 10:57

Address: 56 Kuhls Road, Highfields QLD 4352

Peacehaven Botanic Park is a 15 minute drive north of Toowoomba’s CBD. The park has magnificent trees, established gardens and grassy areas, wheelchair-friendly pathways and stunning views towards the Bunya Mountains.

Peacehaven is one of the Region’s gems and exists today because of the generosity and far-sightedness of local dairy farmer Stan Kuhl. In 2004, Stan donated 4.7 hectares of land adjacent to his house to be developed into a botanic park. The park’s design was born from Stan’s desire to promote global peace and is reminiscent of some of the famous gardens he visited during his world travels.

Sadly, Stan died in 2005 before his dream was realised--however his vision lives on. The park was officially opened in 2006 and expanded in 2012, to increase in size to 5.4 hectares.

The park has picnic tables, barbecue facilities, a grand rotunda, seating, open spaces, an adventure playground for children and amenities for public use. It is popular for weddings, family get-togethers, walks, picnics, or for youngsters to kick a ball.

Access to the designated carpark is via the main entrance on Kuhls Road, with additional access for pedestrians available from Scott and Jack Streets.

Toowoomba Regional Council is proud to work in collaboration with the Friends of Peacehaven Botanic Park to maintain this beautiful park. Members of the public can purchase native plants for their own gardens from the Peacehaven Botanic Park Native Nursery with the money from each purchase contributing to funding special projects in the park.


The nature-inspired adventure playground brings a new world of play and discovery where children can excavate a dinosaur skeleton, climb a giant Crows Ash seed pod, open the flood gates, slide, swing, jump, and so much more.

The nearby frog pond is a popular drawcard for children with the larger-than-life native frog sculptures offering another delightful discovery.

Barbecue and picnic facilities are located in the park for the convenience of park users. 




The grand rotunda provides a formal area for park users to take in the beautiful views to the west. This is also a popular place for weddings and wedding photography. (See our Booking parks articles)


Another popular location is the picturesque lake--a stunning focal point with viewing platform and bench seating for park users to sit and enjoy the tranquil setting.



Stretched over 4.7 hectares--with hundreds of scrub and rainforest plant species--the park contains dry and wet rainforests, wetlands, and open grassland areas. Rare and endangered plants from South-East Queensland are also housed in this location. There are numerous bird species that inhabit the park which make for melodic bird songs for park users to enjoy. 

Signed walkways wind their way through local species plantings to provide an educational aspect to the park. 


Each walkway features artistic mosaic tiles which symbolise aspects of the natural environment.


The park also features a frog pond--a habitat for the local frog population--and is home to other various fauna.


The native plant nursery is operated by the Friends of Peacehaven Botanic Park and is open to the public on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Many of the native plants available from the nursery are rarely found in general nurseries.

The nursery volunteers have a wealth of knowledge about native plants and are happy to help you choose the most appropriate plants for your garden. Profits from nursery plant sales contribute to special projects designed to enhance the recreational and educational experience of visitors to the park.

The nursery building also houses a herbarium: a collection of preserved plant specimens from Peacehaven and the surrounding area, available for reference and scientific study.

For more information regarding the nursery click here.

For more information on how to book the space for wedding ceremonies, please visit our Booking parks section.





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