Youth in front of bus

The YouthConnect program works with young people in our Region and delivers classes, programs and events. Where possible, events are provided free of charge and include a wide range of activities such as: skateboarding, art, music, pool parties, basketball and more.

YouthConnect works to identify needs, issues and ideas that our young people want to see developed in their communities. We believe strongly in the development, promotion and delivery of affordable and sustainable youth programs throughout the region. Where possible we work with the local people to support them to deliver their own local events.

Contact details

If you wish to speak to the youth connect team about any youth activities that are happening across the region or any other youth related issues, please email us.


Keep up-to-date

Follow us on Facebook to get the latest details including times, locations and updates on our events and other community activities. Alternatively each of our events can be found on the Events register.