We strive for our Region to be access-friendly and to represent the interests of people with access issues (including physical, social and cultural). 


Accessibility maps

Online Toowoomba CBD accessibility map

Access the Toowoomba online CBD accessibility map here. This link can be opened on your phone as you're 'on-the-go'.

The Toowoomba online CBD accessibility map has been delivered as a collaboration with Briometrix. The online map provides users with a variety of helpful details, including its unique 'effort-based' mobility ratings as an aid in wayfinding for people in wheelchairs. Colour-coded 'effort ratings' provide an invaluable guide to accessible routes based on each individual’s capacity. The routes are also popular with parents pushing strollers, children on scooters as well as less mobile elderly citizens and e-scooters.

Using sophisticated sensors on their chairs, Briometrix’ team of wheelchair pilots surveyed the footpaths and parklands within a portion Toowoomba CBD. They measured footpath gradient, cross slope, surface type and condition, kerb ramps, intersections, trip hazards and obstructions. As well as creating the “effort-based” mobility maps, more detailed footpath information will help Council in the future to identify and rectify potential risks for footpath users.

Local pilots were used to capture the data necessary for the map and included Bryan Flemming and Beven Kearsley.

“We are mapping the footpaths for accessibility. It’s not only us (wheelchair users), we’re getting a lot of ageing population with wheelie-walkers and mobility scooters going across gutters and kerb ramps that are a bit ordinary, (crossing) buttons that are hard to reach, then down to the tactile pavers for vision-impaired people, we’re covering the whole scope – we’re registering and accounting for every little bit of accessible (footpath) – we’ve done most of the CBD.

“When you’re in a wheelchair, any small pothole or crack that you see, you feel them a lot more than an able-bodied person would, because they’re walking along the footpath and don’t even notice (a hazard) because they’re just stepping over it.

“All that, is mapped and it is colour-coded so you can see which is the easiest route. So if somebody comes to town and wants to go somewhere, … the map will show them the easiest route to take to get there…” 


PDF Toowoomba CBD accessibility map

Download the PDF version of the Toowoomba CBD accessibility map here.

The map shows the location of the accessible car parks, toilets and key CBD locations. It also type of access for each toilet and car park, and details drop off zones within the CBD. These zones are for dropping off or picking up people or goods. Parking is not allowed in these zones.

Copies of the map can be found at all customer service centres, libraries and visitor information centres.

Due to roadworks, parks updates and construction within the Toowoomba CBD, there may be some changes to car parks, including accessible car park space. The map was correct at time of printing.


Disability parking permit conditions

  • A current disability permit must be clearly displayed on vehicle dashboard in lower left-hand corner with permit date clearly visible.
  • Red permit and Australian disability parking permit holders are honoured equally. Both can park in the disabled bays to which a blue disabled sign applies.
  • The driver may park continuously on a length of road or in an area, to which a permissive parking sign applies: or
    (a) if the time limit on the sign is less than 30 minutes – for 30 minutes: or
    (b) if the time on the sign is 30 minutes or more – for a unlimited time
  • Holders of these permits may also park in any metered space or in an off-street car park free of charge.
  • Having a disabled permit does not allow the holder to park in a no standing/stopping area, taxi rank, loading zones, and bus stops.


Regional Access and Disability Committee

We host a Regional Access and Disability Advisory Committee, to ensure the needs of the community are met and have adopted an Access and equity plan 2016-2021 & 2.62 Access and Equity Policy to assist in making our services and facilities accessible for all.


How to keep up to date

In order to provide updates to the community we publish a bi-monthly magazine called 'What's up in disability'. To obtain a copy of this magazine, please contact the What's up in disability office at 4/33 Bell Street, Toowoomba City or call on 4632 6678.


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