Greenwaste bins are a handy way to dispose of lawn clippings, leaves and prunings. Your greenwaste bin is collected fortnightly. The greenwaste is stored in rows at our Toowoomba Waste Management Centre and then moved off site by a contractor where it is processed into soil and compost. A small portion of the timber waste collected is used on site in rehabilitation works. To be effectively recycled in this way it is very important to keep other rubbish out of the greenwaste bin.

Find out what you should be putting in your greenwaste bin below.

A greenwaste service is not mandatory. The property owner can "opt in" to the service by contacting us or lodging an online request

To find out your bin collection day, use our Find your bin day tool. 


Cost of the greenwaste service

The charge for the service is raised on the property's rates notice. It is for this reason that only the property owner or their agent can order a greenwaste service for a property.  The charge for the service for the 2021/22 financial year is $46.06 charged over two rates notices at $23.03 each invoice.

Once ordered, the service must be kept for a minimum of 12 months (or two rates invoices) before it can be cancelled.

If you are a tenant, not the property owner, please contact your landlord or managing agent to request the service.


Applying for a greenwaste service

The following list outlines the areas that are currently in the service area and a greenwaste service may be able to be offered to you:

  • All suburbs within the Toowoomba Service Centre (previous Toowoomba City Council area)
  • Blue Mountain Heights
  • Brookstead
  • Cabarlah (south of Reushle Road)
  • Cambooya
  • Cawdor
  • Cotswold Hills
  • Glencoe
  • Glenvale
  • Gowrie Junction
  • Gowrie Mountain
  • Highfields
  • Hodgson Vale
  • Kingsthorpe township
  • Kleinton
  • Meringandan
  • Meringandan West
  • Millmerran township
  • Oakey township
  • Pittsworth
  • Southbrook
  • Top Camp
  • Torrington
  • Vale View
  • Westbrook
  • Wyreema.

Please contact us to order a service.


What to do with your greenwaste bin if you move

If you had a greenwaste service at your original residence, the bin and the charge for the bin remains at that property. You need to register for a new greenwaste service at the new property (if there is not one there). The greenwaste service is available to most areas within the region. See the list above. 


Items for your greenwaste bin

A greenwaste bin has a lime green lid and is serviced fortnightly. Only greenwaste can be placed in your bin. Please place it in loose - no plastic bags and don't tie it up with rope or twine.  Items for your greenwaste bin includes:

  • prunings and cuttings
  • flowers
  • weeds and lawn clippings
  • mulch
  • branches up to 15cm diameter
  • branches less than 50cm long, (please break up or cut up branches that are longer than 50cm and place in your bin)
  • untreated timber.

To make it easy to decide which bin to use, we've created a 'What goes in each bin' flyer to print and keep at home.


Items that must not be put in the greenwaste bin

Please do not place the following items into your greenwaste bin:

  • branches or tree limbs longer than 50cm
  • branches and trunks thicker than 15cm
  • tree stumps
  • plastic bags, bin liners and soft plastics  - including biodegradable plastic bags
  • compostable bags
  • food scraps, fruit or vegetables, meat
  • brooms, mops and rakes
  • plant pots - any plastic, ceramic and terracotta etc.
  • garden furniture
  • general waste
  • food scraps, fruit and vegetables
  • nappies - disposable or cloth
  • plastics or metals
  • animal droppings or dead animals
  • treated timber - eg. cabinetry, laminates, fence palings, painted wood and composite wood
  • building/renovation waste - pvc pipe, fixtures, fittings, plasterboard
  • bricks, concrete, masonry, tiles, rocks etc. 
  • tools
  • compostable cups/paper/cardboard
  • moist towels, tissues, serviettes, toilet paper or paper towels. 

If your bin is overweight, overfull or contains items that are not greenwaste, it may not be collected. You will be asked to remove the excess greenwaste or the contamination before a truck will be able to service your bin. If a return service is available, you may be charged for this service. Excess waste outside of the bin will not be collected.

Please contact us if you're unsure of what you can put in your bin.


Wheelie bin maintenance

Should your wheelie bin be damaged or have broken parts (e.g. cracked or missing lids, pins, wheels and/or axles), lodge an online request or contact us.