Redwood - Redwood Park

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Address: Warrego Highway, Redwood QLD 4350

This massive 243 hectare bushland park is a feature of Toowoomba. Located on the Great Dividing Range, it provides excellent views from many locations throughout. Redwood Park has diverse vegetation which includes grey ironbark and brushbox, river oak, birds nest ferns, orchids, Moreton Bay fig, broomstick wattle, blue gum and grass trees. 

Goannas and birds such as white-headed pigeons, brown cuckoo doves, eastern yellow robins, double bar finches, eastern whipbirds (listen for its distinct call), scrub turkeys (you can't miss their large built mounds on the forest floor) and black-breasted  button quail can also be seen.


The park can be accessed by two main entry points, each with parking facilities:

  • most eastern end of Bridge Street, which is located at the northern end of the park
  • Warrego Highway, at the foot of the Range descent. Turn left just past the 100km sign on the last down section of the Range highway.

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Years ago, Redwood Park was home to a zoo. The boundary fence that used to keep the animals in is still visible along some of the trail.

Another important fact about the park is that, during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the then City Council established several camps for the unemployed on the fringes of the city. Eagles Nest Camp, a project of former town planner and enthusiastic public health campaigner Dr TA Price, was hygienic, orderly and self-sufficient in vegetables. The camp became famous throughout Australia for its self-help and self-management style. 

bush picnic area with tables and a compost toilet is located in the south eastern corner of the park, at the entrance off the Range highway (Toowoomba Connection Road). Turn left off the down section of the Range after the saddle - but be careful to provide ample indication to following vehicles.

Redwood Forest Walk

Best for: Bushwalking

Classification: (Grade 4)

Distance: 2,710m one way

Walking time: 90 minutes

Description: Approximately 2.8km of a steep grade, the walk begins at the Bridge Street entrance and meets with the Grass Tree trail on the southern end of the park. Enjoy the variety of vegetation types and landscapes directly below the Great Dividing Range.

Rainforest Walking Circuit

Best for: Bushwalking

Classification: Grade 3

Distance: 400m loop

Walking time: 20 minutes

Description: This short circuit allows families who don’t have the time or preparation to do the bigger walks to experience a small section of the park. It starts near the picnic area on the southern end of the park, near the Warrego Highway entrance.

Grass Tree Trail

Best for: Bushwalking and mountain biking, no horses are allowed.

Classification: Bushwalking (Grade 4), mountain biking (Intermediate)

Distance: 1,930m one way

Walking time: 70 minutes

Description: This trail runs east-west between the Warrego Highway picnic area and the Bridle Trail. The entrance to this steep trail is located at the southern end of the park, near the Warrego Highway.

Bridle Trail

Best for: Bushwalking, mountain biking and horse riding

Classification: Bushwalking (Grade 4), mountain biking (Intermediate), horse riding (Class 2 intermediate)

Distance: 2,590m one way

Walking time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Description: The trail is of a moderate to steep grade and can be accessed from Bridge Street traversing north-south along the escarpment.

Eagles Nest Trail

Best for: Bushwalking and mountain biking, no horses are allowed.

Classification: Bushwalking (Grade 4), mountain biking (Intermediate)

Distance: 980m one way

Walking time: 40 minutes

Description: Moderate to steep grade. Can be accessed from the Grass Tree Trail or the Bridle Trail.

Fern Tree Gully Circuit



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