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An overview of how infrastructure charges revenue is collected and expended is provided below:

  • Infrastructure charges are collected in monetary form and in non-cash form as trunk infrastructure may be provided by a developer in lieu of paying the levied infrastructure charge.
  • Not all infrastructure charges that are levied through development are collected by the local government, as the development approval may lapse.  
  • Under the Planning Act 2016, infrastructure charges revenue that is collected in monetary form, is not required to be spent in the same suburb or locality where it was collected.
  • Infrastructure charges revenue may be used to pay for shared regional scale infrastructure such as an arterial road or sewerage treatment plant.
  • Offset provisions under the Planning Act 2016, also allow for an entire infrastructure charge, relating to more than one network, to be applied against the cost of infrastructure to be provided under a condition of development (i.e. the construction of an arterial road).
  • Due to slow development growth, infrastructure charges that are collected may sit with a local government for a period of time, before being spent on trunk infrastructure.


Accessing the Infrastructure charges register

For further specific information about the Infrastructure charges register, please contact the technical advice officer on 131 872, or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.

Trunk Infrastructure Information

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