Water meter in lawn

Toowoomba Region now has its own app "Toowoomba Water app". You can download Toowoomba Water from:

Google Play Google Play or the

icon appleStore App Store.

To access in a browser: https://water.tr.qld.gov.au/


The smart water meter project will deliver a Region-wide network of customer water meters that automatically collect water usage figures on a regular basis. This data will help Council systems to maintain the current six-monthly billing cycle and to better manage the water network. It will also provide updates on water usage directly to the customer for their convenience.

As part of the project, a web portal and Toowoomba Water app have been developed to allow users to check their water usages and other features. If you use social media on your device, the use of the app or portal should be just as easy.

The Toowoomba Water app will only be useful for Toowoomba Regional Council town water customers whose water meters have been converted to smart meters. You will be notified by a letter in your letterbox when this occurs.


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