lawn mower

It is an accepted practice that residents maintain and mow the nature strips fronting/bordering their property. 

Our budget allocation for mowing is limited to mowing parklands, road median strips and interconnecting walkways throughout urban areas. We only mow nature strips that may cause safety concerns to local residents.

Mowing nature strips for the elderly, disabled and unwell residents

Where a resident is unable to mow their nature strip due to age, disability or sickness, a request can be made for us to assist. After a request is made an officer will inspect and liaise with the resident to see if any accommodations can be made.

To make a request, contact us.

Maintaining your nature strip

When mowing your nature strip follow these handy tips:

  1. Clear your nature strip of large sticks, stones and objects that may become projectiles. If objects are flicked up by the mower blades they may cause damage to your own or other people’s property.
  2. Wear enclosed shoes, sunglasses and ear muffs/plugs for protection.
  3. Be sun smart – wear sunscreen, long sleeve shirt, hat and sunglasses.
  4. Mow late in the afternoon - midday sun can stress freshly cut lawn. Cooler conditions in the evening give it time to recover.
  5. Set your mower at the highest preferred setting for your grass type. Only cut approximately 1/3 off the grass.
  6. Make sure your lawn is dry. It makes it easier to mow and dry grass won’t clog up your blades.
  7. Leave grass clippings on the lawn if you mow regularly. The clippings return nutrients into the soil.
  8. If collecting the grass clippings in a catcher, use it as mulch in your garden or compost. Do not use if you have treated your lawn with weed control products.
  9. Be aware of noise times and levels, as below, for mowers and regulated devices (e.g. power tools): 
  • Monday to Saturday

    • 7am–7pm: regulated devices can be used
    • 7pm–7am: no audible* noise permitted
  • Sunday and public holidays

    • 8am–7pm: regulated devices can be used
    • 7pm–8am: no audible* noise permitted

*Audible noise is a noise that can be clearly heard by an occupier of a building which is affected/exposed to the noise. More information can be found in The Environmental Protection Act 1994.