Kwong Sang walkway, Toowoomba

We are committed to protecting and enhancing the unique places and qualities of the region, as well as supporting healthy communities and affordable living. This page provides links to a number of reference web pages of contemporary planning approaches that help to inform planning in the region.

Toowoomba Region Urban Design Initiative - Urban Design Policy and Practice in the Toowoomba Region outlines Council’s urban design approach to planning, building or undertaking works in the region. It also adopts the urban design principles from Creating Places for People: An Urban Design Protocol for Australian Cities (2011)’.

Next Generation Planning Handbook (2011) is a toolkit to promote sustainable growth and affordable living. It encourages planning at different scales and includes a tool based on examples gathered from around the SEQ region including Toowoomba. It assists planners, designers and developers when planning for cities, towns and suburbs. The SEQ Place Model and Next Generation Neighbourhoods concepts inform local plans and land use investigations.

Healthy Spaces and Place (2009) is a national guide for planning, designing and creating communities that support healthy living. A collaboration between the Australian Local Government Association, National Heart Foundation and Planning Institute of Australia, it includes research and case studies.