The Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme (TRPS) was adopted in 2012. One important principle that underpinned the development of the planning scheme was to facilitate development and stimulate the regional economy through the reduction of assessment levels.

The TRPS has also sought to achieve these goals by providing a Priority Infrastructure Plan (PIP) that outlines the timing and sequence of future infrastructure investment.

To understand whether the TRPS is achieving its goals, Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) commissioned KPMG to assess and quantify its impact on the regional economy – a complex exercise which provides greater understanding of the economic consequences of specific provisions in the scheme.

The result is an Economic Impact Assessment of the TRPS presented in a four volume suite. Please contact Toowoomba Regional Council directly to obtain an alternate copy of this information if you require it.

Through this assessment KPMG determined that the TRPS;

  • Is consistent with the Productivity Commissions best practice principles for planning schemes,
  • May contribute over $35 million of value-add to the Toowoomba regional economy through reduced assessment levels for residential, commercial and industrial developments, and
  • May contribute over $900 million of value-add and 1500 full time equivalent jobs to the Toowoomba regional economy through construction activity associated with PIP infrastructure investment.