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The Planning Scheme shapes how we live and the environment around us.

The Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme seeks to create a safe and resilient Region and meet the needs of people living today and in the future.

It includes development objectives and standards prepared by us to guide where different buildings are built and how land is used in the Toowoomba Region.

The Planning Scheme:

  • Makes sure buildings get built in the right place,
  • Guides built form to fit in with its setting and the desired character for the surrounding area,
  • Facilitates accessible employment and business activities that support people’s needs,
  • Encourages a mix of housing types to meet people’s life stages,
  • Makes communities more resilient to natural hazards such as flood and bushfire,
  • Minimises the impact of development on the environment,
  • Makes provision for affordable and accessible essential services,
  • Moves towards a sustainable future for the Region.

The Planning Scheme will apply to land that you own or rent, and to the land around you and will, therefore, affect what you can do with your land and what your neighbour can do with theirs.

You can view the Planning Scheme on our website.