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The Regional Architecture and Heritage service comprises a small but expert group, led by the regional architect. The team has multi-disciplinary expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, urban design, industry and community engagement, public policy and research to assist and guide the region in the pursuit of design excellence and a sustainable environment.

We have three strategic goals:

  • Embed and promote good design in private and public sectors.
  • Shape and influence development projects, policy and process.
  • Support and demonstrate new ways of working together.

Our aim is to encourage and facilitate excellent design outcomes which in turn will improve the built amenity and enhance the reputation of our region.

How can we help you:

  • Provide input and advice to stakeholders at project planning stage and beyond, into Council projects impacting the public realm.
  • Support and encourage high standard, innovative design.
  • Provide advocacy, education and active encouragement of better urban design outcomes.
  • Give advice through advisory panels or by invitation to judging panels or independent review and expert opinion.
  • Support and encourage opportunities for regional architects, including the development of local/region design.
  • Facilitate process improvements through liaising with staff across Council.
  • Assist in implementing Local Government policy in relation to public art in buildings.

What we do:

  • Provide strategic advice to industry, the community and Council on design, planning and development of projects, policy and process.
  • Encourage, advocate for, and support design excellence.
  • Lead and deliver design review in the region.
  • Measure and communicate the value of design and inform the publication of best practice guidelines.
  • Establish policy and practice frameworks for achieving design quality in the built environment.

Please contact us and ask for Regional Architecture and Heritage services.