Garden shed

Some building work is prescribed as exempt development by the Planning Act 2016 and is detailed under Building Regulation 2006, Schedule 2. Exempt building work does not require building approval. Examples of exempt development include:

  1. Building work for a class 10 building used exclusively as a greenhouse, conservatory, summerhouse, fuel shed, lawn locker, tool house, cycle shed, aviary, milking bail, hayshed, stable, fowl house, pigsty or barn or for a similar purpose, if: 

    1. on land used for agricultural, horticultural, floricultural or pastoral purposes; and
    2. no part of the building is within 200 metres of a road or a boundary of the land on which the building is situated.

  2. Affixing minor attachments to an existing building, such as sun hoods projecting no more than 1 metre from the building, sun blinds, roof ventilators, basketball hoops or similar attachments.

  3. Building minor structures no higher than 3 metres above natural ground level, such as playground and sporting equipment, garden furniture, temporary markets stalls, minor plant and equipment covers, and similar structures.

  4. Repairs and maintenance to an existing building or structure if:
    1. the structural adequacy of the building or structure is not reduced; and
    2. fire safety of the building or structure is not reduced

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